zorork replied to your post:zorork replied to your post:zorork  i have no idea…

ive been making more characters for my Super Cool edgy warrior cat story and trying out some comic stuff because I Kinda want to do a comic but i dont have a REAL storyline wake me up wake me up inside

iV been wanting to make a comic too but my story writing skills are sHit ik the feel bro ikikik

but iv just been. doing DRAMA all night lol 

clay gets sick frequently and calhoun always gives him half-hearted lectures about wearing his overcoat out, and what were you doing in the rain with nothing on your head, and you didn’t even change out of your wet stockings? i cannot believe you, you brought this on yourself, you absolute fool.  but he still takes care of him and picks up his medicine for him and listens to him whine about his stuffy nose and checks on him every time he goes into a coughing fit because he’s never been confronted with the idea that henry clay, inexorable and glorious, might actually be mortal like the rest of them.

*mumbles* I jst hd m wsdm tth plld!
- What?
*mumbles louder* I JST HD M WSDM TTH PLLD!

My mouth feels numb like it got stomped on by a drunken elephant, but at least I got some serious result: 2 out of 4 wisdom teeth are gone never to return.

Can’t wait until the next round. 8€D

Now excuse me while I crash on the couch and wait for the painkillers to kick in.

PS: the two molars on the far left side of the picture are the ones that are gone now.