Legally: Chapter 49

i’m a tea enthusiast. sort of short apologies


Iker caught up to James at the end of the day.

“Glad to see you haven’t been sucked into Sergio’s hole of self loathing and hatred.” James growled and Iker backed away from instinct. Never know when a puppy could bite.

“I’m glad too, but I’m not glad that you and Sergio aren’t glad with one another.”

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“I thank all the Real Madrid supporters, all of those who have always had my back. And to those who I may have had a falling out with, I am sincerely sorry and would like to put that behind me. I’ll hold onto the good experiences. I’m just another Real Madrid fan and I will try to be an ambassador for the club wherever I go. I’ll try to reflect the Real Madrid spirit wherever I go”
Iker Casillas, July 13, 2015

  • James Rodriguez:hey guys!!!!! so, what’s new? what did i miss? :) :) (you look great Cristiano) :)
  • Sergio Ramos:Carlo’s out, Rafa is in. I didn’t know until yesterday that Toni Kroos could speak english. I didn’t actually know Toni spoke. If Cristiano posts one more picture of himself in a pool or getting stretched I will literally eat Gareth’s man bun. Gareth has a fucking man bun. You’d think the Bernabeu has salmonella if you saw how quickly Perez shit out Iker. If you didn’t think Jese was serious about becoming a rapper, then think again. Arbeloa is still in this squad. Adidas must’ve gotten Neymar to design our kits for this season and the flight from Madrid to Melbourne was 24 hours. I can’t even talk to you right now because I can see Gareth in the corner of my eye trying to fix his fucking man bun again.
  • James Rodriguez: