iker 2

Geri Cesc Iker

1. Geri is such a goofball (I love it)
2. Iker is shy+politically correct “just like Marc” Gerard said
3. When asked which FCB player he gets along with most, Geri advised Iker to not say his name because they will kill him, so he picks Marc….
4. Iker finds Marc really good looking
5. They all miss Xavi😭
6. Geri the Cule vs Madrid: CL2014, Clasico, Copa finals
7. When asked abt what Iker thinks of Geri’s goal in the 2-6.. Gerard made sure to remind us how it went.
8. Cesc saying “habibte” (my love) when asked if he spoke arabic (my heart skipped a beat there)
9. Iker was asked when he was going to join Kaka…aww
10. Valdes was mentioned “one of the best goalkeepers” Geri said
11. Cesc’s guns.. mamamia
12. Geri tried to make a bet with Iker to create a periscope.. 13. Cesc called Iker “tonterron” and hit Iker on his forehead for making faces at him. 14. Geri called Iker Capi 15. Geri said “See they love you” to Iker, and I 😢😢😢

In conclusion: Gerard, as if we did not know that already, gives no fucks and Iker is either camera shy or Geri’s excitement scared him off

And again I say .. Thank you Geriscope for killing me 😍

“People only see footballers wearing expensive watches, driving expensive cars, and living in mansions. They don’t see all the effort that we do to get us to where we are… I’ve gotten here, but imagine how many didn’t make it. The majority of the kids who worked as hard as me and whose parents gave everything like mine didn’t make it as footballers.”

To all the Real Madrid fans:

It’s impossible to describe the amount of happiness this team brings me, but I’m sure you understand. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with so many of you through tumblr this year – it’s always nice to share the experience of watching your team grow with others and I couldn’t ask for better people to do it with.

Call me biased, but I know we have the most wonderful team in the world, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things they do in 2011. Happy new year and hala madrid! :)