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so just the other day i hit 2k followers?? which is unbelievable?? that’s such a huge milestone for me and i never thought my blog would’ve come this far, it honestly means so much to me. so to celebrate and as a little thank you, here’s another follow forever (it’s wayyyy longer than the last one lol sorry) <3

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yes i know that was really really long i’m sorry i follow a lot of great blogs

again, thank you so so much for 2k! tbh i never thought my blog would make it to 100 followers, let alone 2,000. you guys mean a ton to me and i love you to bits <33

(also, if we’re mutuals and i didn’t tag you, i’m really sorry. i tagged quite a lot of people and i wouldn’t be surprised if i accidentally left some people out. just know that i love and appreciate u <3)

mercurialsirius  asked:

this isn't an ask per say, but feel free to add on to this, i just had a thought and wanted to share. when louis' out of town for business, and harry has to tuck in their daughter by himself, she'll kiss him on the cheek and say 'goodnight daddy', and then kiss his right swallow and say 'goodnight papa'


okay this made me go down the path of hl the domestic dad duo headcanons: 

  • harry and louis doing yoga first thing in the morning while their kids are babies just to help wake them up and get ready to start the day. then as the kids get older they join their dads and don’t really understand why daddy’s trying to stand on his head and papa keeps laughing and pushing him over, but they know it’s more fun than sleeping
  • breakfast time chaos. louis trying to get their incredibly picky oldest to try oatmeal by pretending he’s going to eat all of it while also trying to tell harry their schedule for the day. meanwhile harry does his best plane impression while feeding the twins their preferred food and slops more baby food down his shirt than what ends up being eaten
    • (peaches for baby boy, bananas for baby girl, and louis jokes they they can always see when those styles genes show through) 
  • skype sessions with Unca Nile, Unca Leem, all the various aunties and Unca Ernie, Nanna Jay and Nanna Anne
    • their eldest sometimes makes harry and louis leave the room when they’re talking to niall or liam, and then when she lets them back in she and her uncle have matching evil grins and won’t answer any questions 
      • by the end of the day, harry and louis fall victim to some sort of plastic wrap on the toilet, all the food missing from the fridge, car keys in hidden in the treehouse-esque prank, courtesy of their daughter, and niall and liam say it’s only payback for years of touring with louis 
    • sometimes they skype with ed and he writes lullabies for the kids right on the spot, or ditties about their curls or their dimples to make them laugh
    • Unca Nich-o-lus taught them how to do earmuffs with their hands so he can get away with saying inappropriate things without having to send the kiddos away 
      • “Earmuffs, darlings! Harold, honestly, this fucking song, you wouldn’t believe.” 
      • “Daddy? What does fucking mean?” 
      • “Whoops! Sorry Lou!” 
  • bedtime singalongs every single night. some favorites: 
  • before naptime, louis reads to everyone until they fall asleep. everyone includes harry, who usually is out like a light by five pages in, snoring softly with one of the twins lying on his chest
    • louis only reads Harry Potter when they aren’t going to sleep, because their eldest won’t go to sleep just in case she misses anything 
    • she sorts herself into ravenclaw and decides that everyone besides her is an idiot 
  • louis got little newborn handprints tattooed on his hips when they brought their babies home. harry got the footprints on his shoulders. 

gathered by myself, @fy1ao, and @debuthansol

  • donghyuck was only heard, not seen in soyd. clearly for a reason
  • hansol is the only member from soyd that has not debuted yet
  • dreams
  • hansol’s scenes were the foggiest and had things like feathers flying around, as if he is not awake yet
  • did donghyuck know too much? they erased his memories and he came back as haechan
  • donghyuck was not smiling in his nct dream teaser pictures, is he.. becoming aware?
  • did something go wrong with donghyuck’s experimentation? 
  • mark was also not smiling
  • lee sooman had been planning exo for years. nct does have a lot to do with exo
  • lucky one. they are experiments like exo, except, they were successful experiments.
  • the chewing gum in the mv? it’s not chewing gum. it is the black substance from lucky one. kids would not enjoy that so they remade it into something kids would eat, and potentially become addicted to it.
  • 7th sense. winwin must play a big role in this
  • is mark trying to help them become more aware?
  • mark and donghyuck were not smiling but also jeno was clenching his fist. mark is trying to help them
  • mark is fully awakened, hence why he was in the 7th sense
  • mark’s teaser pic for nct dream was black and white
  • nct dream were wearing uniforms. all of the other units had high fashion clothing while nct dream wore uniforms in the mv and during a recent performance. chewing gum is supposed to be showing us that they are trapped somewhere, we all thought it was boarding school but we never thought like… what type of school
  • are the hoverboards supposed to be futuristic and represent the future? 
  • the woman from the origin is wearing all black and holding a red flag. those are the nct #127 album colors
  • what happens when the timer from the origin runs out?
  • where are they? why is there so much sand… what is that pink moon thing? 
  • the drawing the kid made in the origin, is he drawing what he saw in his dreams but can’t fully recall
  • did winwin connect to them all through their dreams?
  • at first in the origin the kid could only draw sand hills and the sun, the lady gave him a choice between red, yellow, and blue. he chose blue and drew water. what were nct 127 spraying in their mv? water.
  • she plays an important role in this. she just disappeared. who is she?
  • the kid from the origin started their destiny
  • the lady chose him for a reason
  • the lady carries the flag for him and everywhere they go they become n city
  • the drawing is showing him the way
  • the lady left because he awoke his powers, the drawing may have been a test
  • he can connect to dreams, which is why he saw the visions of taeyong and winwin
  • he saw those visions and was taken to water, like he had drawn.
  • taeyong woke up in sand in soyd. he is the origin kid and winwin lives far away but they connect through the boys. 
  • since taeyong is the origin kid, he is the leader of nct. 
  • when the lady left, the kid had no idea what to do because he didn’t know his powers were awakened. what if that’s like symbolism of their minds trying to connect their thoughts. taeyong woke up in a mess. the more he thought about it, he realized. (you can tell by his facial expressions in soyd) he connected his thoughts. all the dreams made sense
  • the debris in soyd could have indicated them breaking away from what they were brainwashed to do.
  • the snake from the origin could have been symbolizing the doctors
  • the boy had visions of taeyong and winwin because they were both destined for nct 127 even though they had never met
  • winwin didn’t awaken his powers the same way the others did but he reached out to them because he could help. he closes his eyes and sees the boy and taeyong. maybe the boy helped him awaken his powers or the boy asked for winwin’s help
  • time is ticking.