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The Fudanjuku family - reunited!

During last FDJ showroom, 4 Hoopers members made a special appearance so they could announce together a series of collabs!

Fudanjuku and The Hoopers will have a collaboration mini-tour! Or as they call it, “collabo fes”. Titled “Ikemen Paradise”, it’ll will have 4 dates. (source, source)
July 22, in Osaka
July 23rd, in Nagoya
July 31st, at Otodama sea studio, a summer holiday special
August 20 in Tokyo.

All those lives are taking place in concert halls that FDJ already pretty much fills up, so it should sell out quite quickly.

They also said that they’ll have a collaboration song! But weren’t allowed to say any more yet. (Kouki said “kirakira” and everyone reacted as if he had slipped… I wonder if that’s part of the title)

Other upcoming lives for both groups separately:

Fudanjuku’s Sora ni saku hana mini-tour: June 3rd, Osaka; June 4th, Nagoya; June 25th, Tokyo. (source)

The Hoopers’ New power generation live, June 24th, Nicofarre, with introduction of the new members. (source) Hopefully there will be net tickets for this, keep checking!


Tanikawa Hijri Solo Interview “The day that I became an Idol”

I said that I want to be a nurse, but…

My home, even in Akita is really in the countryside. There are no other people living around us and because of that it’s okay if I play the piano or karaoke in the middle of the night. Because I also don’t have someplace to play, in the end, school is the most enjoyable place. Because there’s a lot of people. 

I always adored the entertainment world ever since I was a child. It’s my dream to wear cute costumes and for people to go crazy for me.  Surprisingly, I want to stand out.

But, when asked what my future dream is, I always answered with “I want to be a nurse”. There are no other people around me that were aiming for the entertainment world. And because it’s embarrassing for this countryside girl to say that she wants to enter the entertainment world.

The day after the unveiling, there was uproar in the school

The reason that I like idols is Maeda Atsuko-san. I came to like her after watching “Ikemen Paradise” (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) and “Q10”. After that I listened to AKB48’s songs, and watched the Sousenkyo on TV. 

I never told my friends that I wanted to enter the entertainment world, but I often talked to my mother about it. My mother was the one who found out about the Team 8 audition.  Because I didn’t tell any of my friends about the audition, I passed the audition and the day after the unveiling, there was uproar in the school. 

But, I’m glad that everyone was happy about it. Because I’ve known all my school friends since we’re little, even after I became an idol, we’re still close. It’s been 2 years since I joined Team 8, they still say “I can’t believe that Hijiri is a member of AKB48” all the time. 

Without realizing it, I did an image training in my head

The fans will probably think that it’s surprising, but the truth is that I like to lead, I was the class president or part of the organizing committee during elementary and middle school. I like deciding things by myself.

But, since I joined Team 8, the members called me “Ponkotsu”.  At first I denied it saying “No, I’m not”, but lately I thought to myself that that is also a type of affection. When I’m talking to Rinrin (Okabe Rin) or Hiichan (Honda Hitomi), they will happily say that I’m a ponkotsu every now and then.
I think that the most ponkotsu part of me is my dancing. Even when I think that I was dancing with all I’ve got, looking at the video, half of my body is not moving like I imagined. Because I’ve never danced before in my life, I’m always desperate to catch up with the other members. I practiced on my own in my house, and without realizing it, I did an image training in my head during class. And the person behind me often said that my shoulder is moving.

At first because I look up to Maeda Atsuko-san, I would like to become an actress in the future. And because I like having my picture taken, I want to be a model. I want to be someone who when they see me in TV or a magazine they will think “I want to be that kind of person”.


Satou Takeru x Iseya Yusuke x Otomo Keishi crosstalk promoting Rurouni Kenshin movies from Cinema Square vol 64~

  • Iseaya was jokingly complaining that because Takeru is so fast at learning new movements it was very hard for him to keep up. No matter how many additional rehearsals he would do Takeru still did more (as expected of our flawless Battousai!) Takeru apologised that because all his scenes with Iseya were action ones he was too concentrated on his own movements and couldn’t spare a time for a proper talk with Iseya. But the latter joked again that Takeru looked as if all those complicated movements were an easy fit for him. For Iseya the difficulty was in having two swords which doubled the amount of movements to remember.
  • Director Otomo said that action in Ruroken is first and foremost a crash of ways of living so it was especially good to watch actors like Iseya with their own life philosophy to fight.
  • They agreed that Ruroken action team is on the Hollywood level and that the action in the movies is one of a kind in Japanese cinema. Otomo praised all actors including Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fujiwara Tatsuya for challenging the action themselves without using stuntmen. Iseya and Takeru praised him for creating perfect set and atmosphere for filming action scenes. Takeru said that while he is happy and thankful that he had a chance to work with splendid Otomo team so early in his career but is sad at the same time cause now other filming sets will seem to lack something.

I watched both Kyoto no Taika hen and Densetsu no Saigo hen twice and don’t regret it at all xD Densetsu no Saigo hen is an ikemen paradise even more than the previous movies and the action is as badass as ever. Fingers crossed that huge box office will persuade producers to give us another Ruroken movie *–*


Who can resist such a lineup of ikemen~~~

└ 復活 LOVE Fukkatsu PV Preview

Along to go with the other post here are the description of each chara.

University student,
doesn’t really show his emotions and barely talks.

Works part time jobs.
He is shy but once you get to know him he’ll show you his childish sides.

He is calm and doesn’t really get along with people

A freeloader.
He has a easy life and can’t say no to him once he asks you to do something.