Perfume's rule of ikeman



2-Headphone hang on neck


3- V NECK!


4-Skinny Jeans~

lol ok~ though i dont really like skinny jeans,but they look good in it~ ignore massu and pi please~ xD


1-when they are in suit~ UNFFFF!!!

2-when they are in YUKATA!!! *omg totally dies*

3-when they are just being dorky and having so much fun

4-when they are just being NEWS themselves~ aka as long as they are NEWS they are IKEMAN!

anonymous asked:

may i request a Maehara x Isogai fluff fic where Isogai wears a maid outfit for his part-time job and Maehara sees him? please and thanks!

Maehara was walking down the street, it had become quite late and he was on his way home. He opened his phone to check the time. When he noticed the time, he realized Isogai’s shift at work would soon be over. He decided he might as well give his boyfriend a surprise visit at work, afterwards they could have a leisurely walk home. He immediately changed his route towards the cafe Isogai worked.

As he entered the café, he never expected to see Isogai in a maid outfit. He was quick to burst out laughing, causing Isogai to turn around to see the cause of all the noise. Isogai recognized the person laughing was Maehara, he instantly tried to hide his face behind the serving tray. Maehara tried to get closer to get a view but he instantly backed away.

Maehara went to look for a vacant table and sat down, waving towards to Isogai so he can order. He tried to relish the moment as much as possible.Isogai slowly walked over “Why are you here?”

Maehara smirked “I was in the area and came to look for you so we can go home together.”

Isogai felt his stomach churning “What would you like to order?”

Maehara just ordered dessert to pass the time until Isogai got off work. He sat admiring Isogai in his maid outfit. His eyes trailed Isogai everywhere he went, Isogai still looked perfect even cross dressing.

Isogai’s shift ended, he practically crept towards Maehara still feeling embarrassed about, having to wear a maid costume in front of him. That is the last person he wanted to see him dressed up as maid. He only did it because his job required it. He could see the smug look Maehara wore.

Maehara quickly pulled Isogai closer to him “ You looked so cute”

Trying to hide his face Isogai buried his face close to Maehara’s chest

Maehara just pat his head “don’t worry, I really thought you looked adorable, you really are perfect”

Isogai slowly looked up, he suddenly felt something warm and familiar press against his lips. Maehara smiled afterwards “let’s go home.”


Some of my fave messages from my third years. I’m dying… I drew Makoto Tachibana and Love Live on introduction papers in August/September. I gave flute music to a girl in October and I guess she copied it and gave it to her whole section and they learned it.

In today news, one of my 2 cool 4 school ikeman boys volunteered in class for the first time all year to brag about the White Day chocolate he received because he flipped roles and gave chocolate to someone he liked on Valentine’s Day. The boys in class were proud and teased him and the girls sighed and giggled in the front row but he just sat at his desk glowing about White Day.

Some teachers don’t allow me to clean with the students so I don’t really help because it’s hard to remember which ones I can help and I want to be fair. But my first year boys bullied me into cleaning a small section only for their teacher to come around the corner. They literally jumped in front of me and snatched my broom away from me. As a result, one boy had two brooms and played it off by sweeping with both of them at the same time.

I also refereed a floor cleaning race. I taught my kiddos how to hustle, hustle, hustle! So a group of kids began to goad each other on in the hallway saying, “hustle, hustle, hustle, はやく はやく はやく!”