Hello! So, I have decided to post the character profiles (at the request of @willowstar101) because a. These are ONLY found in the manga (for some reason) and b. They’re actually really fun to post and most of them are interesting. 

So here are the top three: As in the top three main characters that appear the most in the manga. Personally, out of all the designs here, I like Karma’s the best. There’s something about it that screams “I’m part of the Ikeman trio” as well as screaming “I’m also too cool to be an ikeman”. 

(Also… Kayano… You can’t buy curves) 

Perfume's rule of ikeman



2-Headphone hang on neck


3- V NECK!


4-Skinny Jeans~

lol ok~ though i dont really like skinny jeans,but they look good in it~ ignore massu and pi please~ xD


1-when they are in suit~ UNFFFF!!!

2-when they are in YUKATA!!! *omg totally dies*

3-when they are just being dorky and having so much fun

4-when they are just being NEWS themselves~ aka as long as they are NEWS they are IKEMAN!

anonymous asked:

listen........ serizawa is a bear. thick nose, a square jaw, wide shoulders, hairy chest, and he's a big boy. touchirou is a compulsively manscaped dadbod verse. reigen is a greasy ikeman twink, and dimple is a complete disaster.

ya absolutely dude. im actually laughing a lot at this ask because these are all the accurate headcanons in one and also you called touchy ro a verse which i think is Really Funny for some reason

can’t watch episode 9 yet so i’m rewatching the show on bilibili with comments on and the macdonald commercial absolutely SLAYED me.

some silly translations from the screenshot:

- macdonalds again…

- How much did macdonald paid? I, KFC, will give 10 times!

- I, Pizza Hut, will give 10 times the price

- I, CNHLS*, will give 100 times

This killed me as well when wang jie xi appeared… honestly they didn’t made his smaller eye look very obvious and don’t even get me started on han wen qing who should look fiercer and less ikeman

*CNHLS is a fastfood chain in china ^^

Utaite Quotes Round 2

Fan: Who was the utaite that was touching your butt today?
Mafumafu: It was Akatin.

Soraru: Mafu’s not coming. Should I go on and reserve the namahousou or not?
Lon: Maybe I can be Mafumafu for the day
Soraru: Let’s do this together for today then

Soraru: Good morning! I’m at a wedding today.
Ryokun: Congratulations Soraru san
Soraru: It’s not me
Kogeinu: Congratulations! Hope you’re happy!
Soraru : IT’S NOT ME

Kony: Can you hear me? Kony here. I found a song called Indulging: Metabolic Syndrome. Let us sing this friend
Yuuto: Yuuto here. I told you, this is about you. And that’s not what the title is.
(While singing Indulging: Idol syndrome)

Hashiyan: I knocked on Amatsuki’s room and Kashitarou came out from the room next door saying “What?”. wat why
Amatsuki: I heard Hashiyan laughing and opened the door, what is this lol

Mafumafu: Soraru san un-blocked me…!!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Hashiyan: Apparently I suck at bathing, turns out I spend much more time than average.

Itou Kashitarou: Rib san is probably the hottest(most ikeman) utaite out there.
Rib: What are you talking about…

Interviewer: What do you want to do in the future?
Amatsuki: After I do my solo live performance successfully, I want to become a power ranger!

Fan: Do you like boys or girls?
un:c: Honestly speaking, guys.

Touyu: Sorry, I ate one.
His sister: That’s fine.
Touyu: It was pretty good.
Sister: Well, it was melon.
Touyu: Wait, it wasn’t banana?

Amatsuki: When I stand here in the living room I can hear Sakata yelling “Rin Chan kaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaayooooohooooo” from the second floor and it’s pretty funny.

Lon: I’ve never met him, but Kashitarou san appeared in my dream. We were on a beach and he was desperately telling me “This cheesecake is awesome! Try it!” so I took it and it was seaweed.

Fan: Try this hashtag! #Tweetyourheightminus150letters
96Neko: Okay!
96Neko: #Tweetyourheightminus1
Soraru: That was funny
(96Neko’s height is 141.2cm so she has -9 letters)

Mafumafu: I see Soraru-san has blocked me, but I have made back up accounts in case this happens. Resistance is futile.

Fan: Does Yuuto san come with the album as tokuten this time too?
Glutamine: Wherever you buy it, Yuuto san does not come with the album!

[Below is a big chunk of tweets all related to each other from various NND uploaders.]
[This one tweet started everything off…]

Fan: You really live to sing don’t you. Do you have anything of interest other than that?
Itou Kashitarou: Umm, your happiness, maybe….?

[And NND uploaders began to tease Itou with this phrase.]

Amatsuki: Umm, your happiness, maybe…?
Amatsuki: @Itou Kashitarou Your happiness, maybe?
Amatsuki: Things of interest? Umm, your happiness, maybe…?

Mafumafu: Things of interest? Umm, your happiness, maybe…?
(->Reply)Itou kashitarou: You guys are evil

Suzumu: Umm, your happiness, maybe…?
Fan: What is Suzumu-kun’s biggest thing of interest right now?
(->Reply)Suzumu: Umm, your happiness, maybe…?

Fan: What is Osamuraisan always thinking of, what do you play the guitar for?
(->Reply)Osamuraisan: Umm, your happiness, maybe…?

Fan: Sakatan, I have a question! What snack do you like the most for your live performances?
(->Reply)Aho no Sakata: Umm, your happiness, maybe…?

Fan: Who are you uploading for?
(->Reply)LeftyMonsterP: Umm, your happiness, maybe….?

Aho no Sakata:
Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Umm, your happiness, maybe….?
Q. What is your favorite drink?
A. Umm, your happiness, maybe….?
Q. Umm, your happiness, maybe….?
A. Umm, your happiness, maybe….?

Fan: What are you interested in besides singing?
(->reply) Rib: Umm, your happiness, maybe….?
Rib: Your happiness
Rib: KIMINO☆SHIAWASE(Your happiness in japanese)
Rib: While Kashitarou-san was interested in your happiness, I arrived at Fukuoka.

Fan: Underbar-san, are you interested in anything other than singing?
(->Reply) Underbar: Umm, your happiness, maybe….?

Mafumafu: [Itou Kashitarou] Your Happiness, Maybe…? [Original PV] (Parody of video upload)

Taiyaki Store: [Language Art] Problem 1. What is Itou Kashitarou interested in?
(->Reply) Soraru: Umm, money and women, maybe….?
Fan: [Language Art] Problem 1. What is Soraru interested in?
(->Reply) Soraru: Umm, your breasts, maybe….?
Fan: [Language Art] Problem 2. What is Mafumafu interested in?
(->Reply) Soraru: Umm, his own face, maybe….?

Okay, so here it comes… The review for Sweets Blossom Vol. 2 with life ruiner Kawada Shinji…

This review contains R-18 content, so minors… stay away from it! ;) Also… This review contains a LOT of fangirling and rants. xDD This CD has a slightly questionable love interest. ^^

As always… tl;dr under the cut (Why did it turn out so long??????):

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