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Gokaiger Cast Reunion 2014/2015/2016

Yep, it’s been 5 years of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger aired. And the cast seems to really really get along since they hold a reunion party pretty much every year! (2013 will be count as vs. Go-busters)

So far, all the male ranger and Basco are present in every year (Gai was in 2014 too, he just show up after they take a group pic). Too bad that Koike Yui (Ahim) didn’t make it to the reunion since 2014 due to her agency stuff (and now seems to done with entertainment business for good, sadly). And Ichimichi Mao (Luka, or should I now call her “M·A·O”) who might be too busy with work that she cannot attend on 2016. Still, it’s good to see Yamada Yuki (Joe) who really doing well in entertainment business these days still not forgot his roots and show up all the time. Just hope someday, Toei would bring all of them back and it’s 5 years anniversary now, can we get something from one of the best Super Sentai series?