Movie Announcement: Litchi Hikari Club [Lychee Light Club]

Ikeda Junya and Matsuda Ryo will be in the upcoming movie Litchi Hikari Club (official English title is “Lychee Light Club”) along with Nomura Shuuhei, Furukawa Yuuki, Mamiya Shoutarou, and others. No date has been given yet but it’s slated for some time this winter. The movie is based on the horror manga series of the same name.

The story centers around a nine-member club of middle school boys called the Light Club, in their endeavor to create an AI in order to abduct beautiful girls. As the club uses increasingly depraved methods to reach their goal, the original leader, Tamiya, tries to reclaim his position after he becomes unhappy with the way the new leader, Zera, runs the club.

Official website

Teaser trailer


Hakuouki Musical - HAKU-MYU LIVE

Scans from the DVD booklet. Sorry for the RAW® scans though :p No time to edit them. 

Look at those boys! NGHHHlakjshdkajhlsjkdhakjsd. I cannot waaaaaaaait to watch.