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If you’re below 18, please do not read anything marked as ‘18+’.

Multi-Chapter Works:

Bucky Barnes: The Boss (COMPLETE)
Summary: It’s the 1970’s and you find yourself working as a stripper at Bucky Barnes’ club, ‘Legs’, but nothing is as it seems.
Notes: STRICTLY 18+; Smut; Manipulation; Sexual Assault; Violence; Drugs; Language.

The Winter Soldier: Just Lucid (Hiatus)
Summary: You’re an ex Hydra doctor, responsible for The Winter Soldier. After the fall, you seek him out to eradicate the last of Hydra.
Notes: STRICTLY 18+; Smut; Manipulation; Non-Consensual Sex; Violence; Language.
Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

Lance Tucker: Journalistic Integrity (Ongoing)
Summary: You’re a journalist seeking to expose Olympic gold medalist, Lance Tucker, after he gets half of the womens’ gymnastics team pregnant.
Notes: STRICTLY 18+; Smut; Manipulation; Language.
Part 1

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