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So anyways, Fun Swedish Fact of the Day

When I lived in Växjö I learned quite a bit about the local legends and such. Supposedly there was a missionary named St. Sigfrid who built a church on Växjö lake and basically founded the town and converted a bunch of people. When he left to do more Missionary Things, he left behind his three nephews. A group of pagans decided to kill the three nephews, who were beheaded and their heads thrown into the lake. And when Sigfrid got back - this is the good part - his nephew’s severed heads started talking to him????

And anyway St. Sigfrid is on just about every manhole cover in Växjö. Apparently that’s the It Place to put your hallucinating patron saints these days.

Ikea is not getting rid of its famous Swedish meatball, a billion of which are sold every year. […] Ikea is undergoing an “enlargement of the balls menu,” in the memorable phraseology of Michael La Cour, managing director of Ikea Food Services.

Ikea decided to start its overhaul of its food offerings with its most popular dish, with [Head of IKEA US Foods] Diewald joking that they were “going from meatballs to amazeballs.”
—  Coming this summer: bigger, better balls than ever. (x)