ikea advertisment

Steinunn: Sorry, why are you driving so fast?

Stefán: [sternly] Because christmas starts in IKEA, Steinunn, and I’m going to get a parking space by the main entrance, so I won’t have to park somewhere at Vífilsstaðir.

tomefairre replied to your photoset “spam spam spam spam spam. also, i love hats”

I’m getting an indie Ikea advertisement vibe here (mostly you look fab and I need that hat)

sarah thank u omg <3 also, indie ikea advertisement sounds like a band name.. but a very bad band. like, basement acoustic dubstep, maybe. re: HATS: I am a huge proponent of acquiring as many hats as possible. Also I am desperately hoping for 2020 to provide us with a comeback of the hennin

‘Pro-Play Home Arcade’

[MISC] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1988]

  • Game Player’s Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games, September 1988 (#03)
  • Scanned by Phillyman, via RetroMags
  • Imagine being the coolest kid on your block, if you had this in the late ‘80s. Though with that “I’m that rich kid from every live-action Disney movie” price tag ($500 after inflation) it looks oddly enough like something you’d get at Ikea.

Next to a house, a car is the biggest purchase most people will make in their life. So car companies spend an insane amount of money trying to convince people that their car is the one that will keep you safe / get you laid. Many print ads for cars feature a 3D model rather than a real photograph, but car manufacturers have to make commercials too, so you can at least be assured that the 2017 Dinoburner you’re seeing whip around those corners is definitely the real deal, right?

You know where this is going. Meet the Blackbird.

While it looks like a turtle that lost its shell, that little go-kart is becoming one of the most filmed cars in the world. You see, cars take a while to design and build, and commercials take a while to film and edit. By the time the first cars that could be used in a commercial are rolling off the assembly line, it’s too late to start shooting ads. In the past, prototype cars were used, but that can cause problems if the designers decide the car needs a slightly different chassis or doors that open upwards.

To make up for this gap, many automakers use the Blackbird as a stand-in. It’s a generic-looking chassis which can be adjusted and tuned to behave like anything from a Prius to a Mustang, allowing the marketing people to film the car doing cool car commercial stuff before passing it along to the CGI artists, who add the body and styling.

8 Everyday Things (You Didn’t Realize Were Actually CGI)


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