Listening to music, thinking about JDM

Candyman - Christina Aguilera

He had tattoos up and down his arm,

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There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.

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Well, by now I’m getting all bothered and hot,

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When he kissed my mouth he really hit the spot.

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He had those lips like sugar cane,

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Good things come for boy who wait…

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He’s a one stop shop, makes the panties drop,

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He’s a sweet talkin’ , sugar coated candyman.

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First Time’s the Charm

Title: First Time’s the Charm

Characters: Ike Evans x You/Reader

Synopsis: Ike finally gives in to the idea of hiring a high-class escort to keep him company for a night.

Warnings: NSFW, smut, slight daddy kink

Note: Huge thanks to @a-girl-interupted for giving me this idea! Also, this will have one or two more parts because I can’t get enough of how daddy Ike is. Can I get an amen???

Ever since Molly succumbed to cancer, Ike made it a point to focus on their children and his work. It’s been years since her passing and he’s never dated a single woman. Hell, he’s never looked at another woman. It’s not that he wasn’t interested in finding love again, but losing his wife was something that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to get over.

“That’s because you haven’t met the right one yet.” Victor said, turning his bar stool towards Ike who merely chuckled.

“Molly was the right one, I believe she still is.” he defended and took a quick swig from his whiskey.

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