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  1. name: erin
  2. nicknames: the only nickname i have ever had was smallfry in fourth grade.
  3. height: 5′4”
  4. orientation: idk yet probably bi
  5. nationality: american (home of the bullshit)
  6. favorite fruit: raspberries
  7. favorite season: ugh i have a problem with every season (where i live the weather is bipolar and a piece of shit so summer is like boiling hot, winter is fucking cold as shit, fall is summer in the beginning and winter in the end, spring is winter in the beginning and summer in the end so yeah)
  8. favorite flower: roses (i like colored roses i know they are dyed but they are pretty)
  9. favorite scent: good food smells amazing also i have this febreze thats like cranberry or something and smells good
  10. favorite color: i love blue for a general color (it has so many shades available) but i have certain colors for certain things.
  11. favorite animal: anything super cute and fluffy
  12. coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? tea, but it has to be southern sweet tea (with ice)
  13. average amount of sleep: i have no fucking idea. lately my sleep schedule has been fucked (i go to bed between 2am-4am and wake up between 11am-3pm) so yeah also last night i didn’t sleep at all and at 7am i went to sleep and went in and out of sleep until around 5-7pm today when i got up to eat dinner soo yeah.
  14. dog or cat person: dogs
  15. favorite fictional character: there are soo many ugh i love peter parker and all the avengers (duh) i also like sam and dean from supernatural, stiles from teen wolf is amazing and soo sarcastic and funny, and so many more characters.
  16. number of blankets slept with: i have a sheet that covers my mattress and then i have a duvet and then over that i have a fuzzy thin blanket (summer i get rid of the duvet)
  17. dream trip: literally anywhere. the only time i have left the US was to go to canada to visit someone and now i am bored. i wanna go to california and orlando, internationally i wanna go to europe and austrailia.
  18. blog created: july 23, 2017
  19. number of followers: 2,489 (i love you all sm i have no idea why y’all follow me but thank you!)
  20. random fact: this is 100% true. i swear. my friend and i were leaving the one direction concert in baltimore a couple years ago and since the sidewalks were packed we decided to walk in the street (it was a small street near the arena and there were no cars) suddenly two police motorcycles plus two black suvs with tinted windows came speeding around the corner and came very close to hitting us but we managed to sprint to the side of the street just in time. we look up and just as the first suv passes us the backseat window rolls down and a hand pops out and waves at us (it looked like a sort of apology wave?) and it took me a second to realize it was harry fucking styles. (his head wasn’t visible but most of his arm was and you could clearly see his tattoos) so basically i started freaking out (i was hardcore fangirling) and my friend was confused for a sec (she didn’t see his tattoos) and i was like ‘bitch harry styles just waved at us. and she started freaking out and everyone around us was like ‘wtf u doin’ and it was a great experience overall.

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me: which one is better the light aes or the dark aes theme

yall: i like the dark theme more u kno-

me, with tears in my eyes with my finger on the trigger: u dark aesthetic ass hoes….