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when ur boyfriend cares more about political fame and some small caribbean guy rather than you

((here have a really low quality jeffy and maddyboy that i was way too lazy to colour in so sorry))

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-lizzie borden
-wicked !! (musical or book series !!)
-musicals in general tbh

Ok but like…high school rockband Lams is so fucking cute. Just imagine ok

  • Alexander as like the new kid
  • Him being super like self conscious and like really quiet in all his classes at first and hears about this academically great guy Aaron Burr
  • So one day he finds Aaron Burr and practically knocks him into a locker bc ‘holy shit this is the guy who’s smart and can help me get ahead’
  • Ofc at first Burr is just like ‘who the hell is this kid’
  • Then Alex just goes off on a ramble and doesn’t realize that the bell rings making them both late to class but Burr is just smiling at Alexander
  • So once Alex stops rambling, he realizes they’re late and the ever so observant Aaron Burr is just like “It’s lunch. You’re in my period right?
  • They go off to lunch and once they go to sit down, there’s just lots of banging and laughing and stuff
  • Alex looks and sees the revolutionary set and is immediately lovestruck seeing Laurens (who is def rocking out on an air guitar but Alex doesn’t notice so)
  • Burr notices Alex staring and rolls his eyes
  • “Hey you know how I’ve been telling you stuff that’ll help you get farther? Avoiding those three would be a good move.”
  • Alex immediately starts asking questions if they’re bad or something
  • Burr is just like “no they’re fine, smart and admittedly attractive but still-”
  • Cue their conversation being cut off by Laf just shouting at him
  • So they go over and like the revolutionary set just pokes fun at Burr and Alex is just staring at Laurens
  • “Oh hey, who’s this making heart eyes at Laurens?” and Alex just tries to hide in his sweater once John looks his way
  • Meanwhile John’s just grinning like crazy and nods at Alex who’s completely incapable of forming words
  • Burr notices and just rolls his eyes and nudges Alex in the side
    which earns a mumbled “My name’s Alexander Hamilton.”

Just….cute little nerdy love songs, and music and Alex being flustered I……….///


Another Key & Peele/Hamilton sketch because wow im original

anonymous asked:

Recently someone asked where y'all are from and that got me thinking about how another fandom I am entirely a part of (the Hamilton: an American Musical fandom) is worldwide, surprisingly since it's about America... And ik Hamilton came out sooo long ago (😭) but I was wondering if anyone else is in love with it? And if so, do they have any dramione songfics based on Hamilton...?? THANK YOU YOU ARE ALL GODDESSES/GODS AND I LOVE YOU (everyone on this freakin blog does y'all are too amazing)

I freaking love Hamilton. 

In terms of HP stories based on Hamilton, I found a short Harmony story based on “Helpless” and “Satisfied,” but I haven’t found any Dramione yet. Can anyone recommend any?

Oh, and for your enjoyment, here’s a bit of a Hamilton/Potter earworm for you. I dare you to read it without singing it in your head: https://li.st/l/0RMMFqDx692VcRzfvIMKcN