ike a train in the night

Some Lance scenarios bc why not
  • Lance has really bad allergies. REALLY BAD. So he can be found sneezing from dust or dust mites, keeping him up at night, This makes him irritable and way too tired the next day.
  • Also, he’s allergic to nuts. Peanuts, pecans, almonds, you name it. Little did he know those weird spots in his goo were the alien equivalent to pecans. So he has a reaction and everybody but Hunk is ike WHUUUUUT TF,  Hunk quickly finds Lance’s meds and the boy is back to normal.
  • Or maybe he has asthma, which sometimes keeps him behind when training. Lance being Lance, feels like he should work harder, constantly over-excerting himself and needing to use his mighty inhaler.
  • Lance gets stressed easily, an he’s one to just sleep and not feel like doing anything, not even getting up to join his fellow paladins at the dining table, which means he gets light headed and needs help from his… ehmm.. friend… Keith, who gets him to eat some of Hunk’s actually great variation on Coran’s green goo.

Mornings when Greil was around were busy. Ike was trained hard, Soren busy working out the tactical and financial advisements, and Camio off to perform the more magically suited requests. 

Mornings during the wars were hard. Ike worried over his comrades and his desire for revenge at night and woke tired each day, Soren burned the midnight oil on plans and found himself groggy in the mornings, and Camio simply avoided sleeping after a while in favor of keeping pace with repairs for the tomes and his usual duties as well.

Mornings after the war were soft. Soren woke first, watching his loved ones sleep for a few minutes before getting up to make food. Camio woke second, and rested with Ike, knowing that if he attempted to get up, he would wake Ike up. Ike would wake to the sound of Soren and Camio greeting each other, the aroma of food in the air. Crawling out of bed felt easier than ever, with something to feel happy about.

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❤️ for Ike ( wearethestorm: Soren )

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In southwestern Crimea, the summers ended abruptly with cold winds blowing snow in from the mountains. But after a long summer of hot days working and training and riding in the outdoors, the Greil Mercenaries usually welcomed the cool breezes with open arms. (Months later, they would all welcome the relief of the spring thaw with much the same fervor.)

On the night of the first snowfall, Ike made a stop at the household storage closet to find more blankets. Soren had already foresaw the change in weather and stocked everyone’s bedrooms in the fort with a heavy winter blanket–2 for Rhys–but there were still a few extra ones left just in case they needed more. Ike picked up an armload and padded down the hall to Soren’s office, where the sage was going over paperwork by candlelight. 

The swordsman waited for his beloved to put down the quill at some sort of stopping point for the night, and when those intense crimson eyes finally looked up at him, Ike beckoned him to follow. Just outside the front door of the fort, he paused to drape one of the blankets over Soren’s shoulders. It wasn’t very windy this evening, so the tiny snowflakes fell in lazily drifting spirals towards the ground. As Ike led the way down the familiar paths of their home, the firelight spilling out the windows from the kitchen hearth faded, leaving only moonlight and stars to reflect on the ice motes dancing in the air, and only long-ingrained memories to guide their steps on the footpath.

A minute later, the pair had made the climb up their favorite hill to their favorite tree and their favorite spot to sit under it. Ike paused to lay down a tent tarp and two blankets, a luxury they didn’t normally bother with on the soft grassy slope, but seemed prudent for the weather. Ike made sure Soren was comfortable, wrapped securely in his extra blanket, before settling down himself, but as soon as he did the tactician opened the shroud anyway to invite his boyfriend to share the warmth. Ike curled into his side gladly, pulling the covering snugly around them.

With no way to track the time except by the cold nipping at their noses, it was impossible to say how long the couple sat there watching the snowflakes whirl against the night sky and melt on the slightly-too-warm ground. But eventually, Ike’s nose nudged against Soren’s (subtly checking to see if it was getting too cold for the petite mage), and his lips brushed the cool ones before him. Warm breaths clouded the air between them and chased the chill away.

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can you talk t o me about mcgenji....

yE S yes i will talk to you about mcgenji forever anon please fuel my love holy heck

do you ever think about how genji was sort of pressganged into joining overwatch? i mean do you reckon he even knows what happened to him? after the hanzo incident, he probably drifted in and out of consciousness for weeks while overwatch ‘fixed’ him, gave him a new body to plug the holes ripped in the last one. and then when he finally does wake up, comes back to life, it’s “you’re a valuable asset, mr shimada. we need your unique set of skills.” there’s no choice about it. it’s a life debt.

like. the months of physical therapy, of rehabilitation. learning to walk, to fight. learning what he can do. genji was always the shimada spare, and he wonders idly if this is how hanzo felt, being honed into a weapon by a power he feels he owes.

and the omnic crisis is long over, but he’s still not exactly a welcome addition around the watchpoints and the briefing rooms. he doesn’t talk. he learns his purpose. fulfills his orders. he’s breathing but he’s not alive any more. there’s no reason to keep going save his value to overwatch, his utility.

the first person to talk to him, after dr. ziegler, is mccree. a blackwatch lifer. a cartoon character, right down to his spurs. the old genji was personable, always joking, always thriving on social interaction. but that genji is long dead, suffocated, and he doesn’t understand why jesse tries so hard to talk to him - a living ghost of a rich brat deemed too big a threat to keep alive - even when genji doesn’t reply or snaps or walks away, catching him in the mess hall, after training, in the dead of night when neither can sleep. it surprises him, after all jesse’s harassment has worn them down into something resembling ‘friends’, that this new genji can still hold a conversation. he can still make people laugh. he’s still a person. jesse shows him that, and afterwards, it’s a lot easier to see it for himself.