ike [fire emblem]

Congratulations team Ike for winning the voting gauntlet! I have a lot of feelings about this one omg, it’s been since Robin I haven’t been this invested in a voting gauntlet! I’m so proud that Ike is the first male character to win a voting gauntlet dsmlksmkff (he is my childhood crush, and I still love him)

Well played to all other teams! It’s been a very fun battle! I’ve been sweating a lot since Hector & Camilla ;;;

the other day i dreamed that i was summoning in a gymnasium when a stranger in a trench coat told me he could get ike for a mere 20 buck commission fee, this was a Once in a Lifetime Deal, he said. when i slipped trenchcoat man the dough, ike burst out of the polished wood panelled floors in full armour like some unholy deity of tattered capes, at which point i woke up with a pillow full of grateful tears and no ike in sight.
   i still have my 20 dollars, so trench coat man, if you’re still out there,


Smash Series Swap - Fire Emblem x Star Fox

Okay, this is very silly, but I just wanted a chance to draw the Fire Emblem cast in Arwings. ;) If you have any ideas for two Smash series you’d like to see “swapped”, I’d love to hear them!