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I tried to make a little gif for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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whoops, sorry for being salty but I saw your answer to that anon about mika's quote being used in yuu//noa edit, and, well, that edit pissed me off so much. and yeah, yuu was ok with checking them from afar and eloping. shinoa is literally the love of his life

:) this world is a very complex one, my friend.

I’ve found people who told me a ship was canon because the guy held her hand once but then refused to accept another ship even though the authors confirmed it as official, just because they were of the same gender. 

Daily reminder that people still don’t accept Shiji Ikari as bisexual.

Daily reminder that some people still think No. 6 is bromance.

Daily reminder that people still think Homura’s feelings for Madoka were platonic.

Daily reminder that people don’t accept YumiKuri as canon.

Daily reminder that people think Shiro blushing at Kuroh 4 times means nothing but he blushed only once at Neko and people are sure it’s canon.

Daily reminder that people still can’t accept KorrAsami :)) don’t ask me, check the wikia.

What I’m trying to say is: Mika and Yuu could kiss in the official art and they would still say they’re not canon.

This society is the way it is.

Don’t feel salty about that or you’ll end up sick, dear. 

I overthink too much about this but there are some things that can’t be changed in a matter of days.

MikaYuu must be one of the most beautiful ships I’ve ever seen. It’s undeniable that they love each other, in a platonic or romantic way, it doesn’t matter. 

Ignore that people because their ship will never be nearly as good and I actually guess we should feel sorry for them.