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So I actually made this a year or 2 ago for pixel’s birthday (and then I sent it to his BBS, to which he said thank you or something), but I figured since it’s his birthday again I might as well as upload it here as well.

This is an org remake of the main theme in ikachan.  You can download the org here if you want to see it yourself.

Happy Birthday, Pixel.  I haven’t had time to make something else yet but maybe I can do something later today.


In Ikachan, you play as a squid, and swim around interacting with other marine life such as anemones, starfish, clams, jawfish and more. Any game where you play as a squid is OK by me!

Fun fact: The sprites for Ikachan, Ironhead, and the blowfish were reused for a boss battle in Pixel’s most popular game, Cave Story.

Ikachan (2000)


Kero Blaster, the spiritual successor to Cave Story.

Contrary to the wishes of two or three guys on the Internets, we’re not just going to rip through games we love just to put out sub-par versions no one is happy playing (that’ll give said trolls more reason to bitch).

I’m much happier hearing a few guys complain about our games ‘coming out in 2015-2020’, then have something out there that one of our developer friends or I’m happy to release.

Nicalis delivers real talk while also announcing a delay of Ikachan for DSiWare, until 2012.

So what’s the developer doing with the extra time? “First, the artwork is being redone from scratch by Daisuke [Pixel].” New enemies and a new, larger play area are also being added. The team is making a new localization, too, replacing the fan translation in the English PC version.

I’m sure most of us will have plenty to play for the rest of the year even without this game. Maybe not on DSiWare, but everywhere else – certainly on DS cards. This game would get super lost in holiday 2011.

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