jeonjuns  asked:

Gwynne when you have more time, can you consider writing historical au for youngra? I would great to read them trying gain to throne and you are fantastic at complicated plots😍

OMG You are trying to kill me. I’ve thought of nothing else since I got this. It would fit perfectly with number two on my kdrama dreams list. I really don’t have time to start a new project right now but this will haunt me.

Like Rachel would totally take an active role as queen and even as the crown princess. She would insist on travelling with him and looking at real problems of the people. He would be against marrying her at first, of course, because she would be from a rival faction and he would think she’s meant to control him. But she’s Rachel, so she wouldn’t give any fucks about how important he thinks he is and he’s just immediately smitten against his better judgment.

But after they marry? No one can find him in the morning because he’s still in her rooms and everyone thinks that weird. And everyone is worried when war breaks out (because he refuses to take a second wife during the negotiations) and he has to leave the palace (because, of course, he’s a warrior king) because both of them are just so sad to be apart from each other, but she sits on his throne and keeps all the annoying ministers in line so that there can’t be a coup.

She gets pregnant when he returns to the palace and everyone is relieved because they were worried she wouldn’t, despite how often he spends the night in her rooms, because she didn’t get pregnant right away. Then all the important people get worried because he’s completely distracted by his pregnant wife and has given up all pretense of sleeping in his own rooms because she’s tired all the time and he’s fretting.

But when Min-Jae is born the entire country celebrates and he’s so excited to be a father and and and and…

Something like that? >.>