You came into my life when it was least expected, not giving me a chance to realize just how much you would impact me. You’re beauty peeks from within, your soul is just looking for someone to love. Let me be everything you need, and I promise to hold you when you’re sad, to love you when you can’t love yourself, to kiss you while you’re sleeping, to laugh at your silly jokes. I promise to always tell you what’s on my mind, and to never judge you for being yourself. I promise to stand by you in your darkest times, and to pull you back into the light if you dare to fade. I promise you, with all my heart, these feelings I have for you are sincere.
You came into my life when it was least expected, and now I can’t imagine a day without you on my heart, in my brain, in my veins. You’ve completely paralyzed me, but I’m not complaining; I’m so in love with you.

has anyone ever wondered why Simon got so offended over Baz trying to feed him to the chimera, or when he pushed him down the stairs, but like he only mentions that Baz tried to steal his voice -’the worst thing you can do to a magician’- once or twice.

and i was just thinking why? Simon knew that he and Baz were enemies, that’s what enemies did: they fight, they try to kill each other. why should he care about a few pitiful attempts at murder? why should he care that Baz pushed him down the stairs or fed him to a chimera?

 then i really thought about it and honestly my English teacher better be proud of me after this interpretation, i mean it is far fetched af but…

i think that Simon expected Baz to fight with him using his magic, they’re magicians after all, maybe it seemed fair, or he thought that that was just the way things were, but then Baz started being physical -get your heads out of the gutter i didn’t mean it like that. 

Baz started to abuse Simon without using magic, he shoved him down the stairs. it started to become personal, it stopped being about two arch enemies fighting and started being just cruel. i don’t think Simon expected that when he came to Watford; he wasn’t prepared for it, how could he join the game when he didn’t even know what Baz was playing? 

and maybe it was just too real. magic was Simon’s secret life, it was the thing he always came back to -it was his everything- so maybe that’s why he didn’t mind so much when Baz used spells to hurt him, because it was magic, but when he started just abusing him it could have reminded him of his other life. 

his other life, with lonely care homes and hatred and not even letting himself thinking of his secret life because it would hurt too much. and maybe, just maybe, Simon had been abused in those places too, maybe he’d been shoved down stairs before, maybe he had been pushed and shoved and hit and abused. and maybe he went to Watford with the hope of getting away from that, maybe he had just dealt with Baz’s teasing and hatred and jealousy and all of that because it was better than his other life, wasn’t it?

wasn’t it?

  • Jungkook: Look, you can’t just be that perfect and look at me okay, I’m vulnerable as it is.
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: How do you deal with this, bro?
  • Jimin: I just love him, god knows why
  • Jungkook: I heard that
  • Jimin: I know. You didn't say the "I love you" back.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jungkook: You know I do, stop teasing
  • Taehyung: How do /I/ deal with this?