ik june

@klraht we gotta go together then omg. i just gotta see when im next gonna b in richmond i think i might be at the beginning of june 🤔 ik theres a busdriver show on like the 13th too…

dream of me

genre: angst, fluff
pairing: yoongi x reader
words: 3.3k
warnings: none
summary: you were yoongi’s first love, as he was yours. six years after a bitter end to the relationship, he’s known as bangtan’s suga, and he writes a song about you that catches the nation’s interest. so, you confront him.

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Valentines cards

ik it’s like June but I was bored so I made these.

↑ ↑ ↑ s/o to my best friend Eve for telling me to make that one!!!!! ilysm!!! ↑ ↑ ↑

this one is a mess l0l 

Send these to your friends and turn them into Seventeen trash.

(if anyone else makes some of these tag me in them bc I love these things but I am not creative and ran out of ideas.)