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local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 


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Just want to put this out there that I hope y'all are having a good day. Saw some upsetting anon hate this morning and It reminded me Spreading kind words goes a long way. Please don’t go out of your way to make other people miserable, if you’re really so unhappy you honestly need help, if you get joy from hurting others please rethink what you’re doing. No amount of pain is excusable for wishing someone else is dead. Wishing death upon someone shouldn’t be a casual phrase. Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day!

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remember that tweet about flint's earring having changed from gold to silver and how little in the show happens by accident? i just can't bring myself to believe that the same writers who did that also made all the flinthamilton and silverflint parallels to basically end up saying "they love each other but just in a friend way haha" i don't know it just doesn't make any sense to me

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I think we can all agree nothing makes any fucking sense at this point and nothing will until 409/410. But yeah, that ‘little happens by accident’ has been haunting my ass ever since Toby said it. I mean of course parallels as obvious and as frequent as this must have been done on purpose. We know this. We know its partly because of the similarities they wanted to show between them; Thomas and Silver being Flint’s closest friends, both of them being his partners. We also know that its because they’re leading up to Flint’s relationship with Silver being ‘a summation of all the relationships hes had so far’. But whether or not its romantic WE JUST DONT KNOW. 

Looking at everything we’ve been presented with it does makes sense for it to be romantic, of course. Because its the best explanation (at this point). If they had focused more on paralleling Miranda/Flint with Silver/Flint to show their friendship/partnership I would understand that the writers weren’t going for romantic. BUT. THEY. DIDNT. Thomas looking at James: “strange pairs, lieutenant. they can achieve the most unexpected things>:)” [pans to James looking at John]. I mean !!!!!! They paralleled Silver with Thomas from the beginning. And then as if that wasn’t obvious enough they start paralleling Madi with Miranda. So yeah, like you said I dont believe the writers did all this just to label Silver as the love of Flint’s life in a ‘platonic way’. Seems a bit dramatic to build this relationship up over 4 seasons and at the end just say ‘flint was silver’s best friend. thats it. thats what he was to him”. There’s something more going on here that we don’t know about yet.

“Thomas was my husband. I loved him and he loved me. But what he shared with you, it was entirely something else.” I’ve always believed this is the same case for Silver and Flint. Silver loves Madi and Madi loves Silver, but what Silver shares with Flint is entirely something else. We just dont know what the ‘something else’ is yet. But we’ll find out soon enough, just hold tight.

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dean loves cas like that, when he stands quietly under the night sky, his eyes so bright they might as well as be stars. they seem to dissolve into the blue of his eyes, and a small smile lights up his face as he lifts up his hands and tries to catch them, twirling around and laughing to himself sometimes. dean wants to tell him, i think you’ve burned bright enough to be called a star yourself. but the moment captured in his memory- of cas, his arms spread wide, as the moonlight embraces him- is so pure, to capture it in words would be tainting it. 

yeah, he loves cas like that. it’s not always that a dying sun gets to see the moon shine.

Ik y'all like to draw/write ppl saying mccrees cowboy Look is silly and stuff but?? it clearly makes him happy to dress and act like a cowboy if anything Gabe would encourage mccree to dress/act like a cowboy like Jesse is clearly an efficient member of blackwatch he’s not hurting anyone w/ the cowboy attire. Gabe the Fashionista™ helped Jesse find boots that’ll match all his clothes while still being good quality. bullet shells on his hat? may be useful in an emergency and looks good. heck yeah you can get that poncho but are you sure you want that one the red one would look better on you and blood doesn’t show up on it as much. McCree those chaps do Not fit you we’re getting you new ones Right Now.

just… give me Gabe that encourages mccree to be Like That… . Stop writing gabe that is embarrassed by Jesse… more Gabe that’s like “This is my adopted son McCree he’s a cowboy he’s the best sharpshooter on the team.” “have you met mccree yet? he’s a real cowboy and he’s great I love him” like.. .. blizz hasn’t told us anything about gabe and jesses relationship while they were in blackwatch this….. is Entirely Plausible headcanon. ..

reaper tells mccree that he looks ridiculous pre-match because he’s not wearing anything that Gabe picked out for him

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Phil: I hate how I have hours of editing to do but I’m still wasting my time doing personality quizzes


Dan: Scrolling through ig has higher priority than scripting this video that is literally right in front of me

Phil: Yo but ik this one’s gonna be good bc its asking me like 50+ questions

Dan: oo

Dan: send me link once ur done pls