ik it's not good


local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 


I was in panic mode tonight and I called my boyfriend bc he’s really good at calming me down and tonight he said “you’re safe…you’re gonna be ok…you know why you’re safe?” And idk what I was expecting but it definitely was not “because there’s a unicorn watching over you,,I hired one,,,,unicorns are cool”

Dear fellow internet users

Just want to put this out there that I hope y'all are having a good day. Saw some upsetting anon hate this morning and It reminded me Spreading kind words goes a long way. Please don’t go out of your way to make other people miserable, if you’re really so unhappy you honestly need help, if you get joy from hurting others please rethink what you’re doing. No amount of pain is excusable for wishing someone else is dead. Wishing death upon someone shouldn’t be a casual phrase. Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day!


Phil: I hate how I have hours of editing to do but I’m still wasting my time doing personality quizzes


Dan: Scrolling through ig has higher priority than scripting this video that is literally right in front of me

Phil: Yo but ik this one’s gonna be good bc its asking me like 50+ questions

Dan: oo

Dan: send me link once ur done pls

T; Hello, Again. (CLOSED)

A large tan hand raised up to shield teal eyes from the blazing rays of the sun, Emmett Yoshiro, a new occupant of a apartment in the hustle and bustle of New York City. The tan male had stepped out of his car and walked over to the moving truck that followed him to the big city and opened the back door, the movers hopped out of the truck and began assisting the tall male with unloading his belongings.

Emmett carried a few boxes stacked on top of another up the stairs to his awaiting apartment. Upon opening the door, he was greeted with a fairly small but decent living space. It was a perfect spot for a bachelor. “Just put it anywhere.” He said as he put down the stack of boxes he carried, they nodded and replied as they did the same. The two movers turned and walked out to bring in more thing.

The tan male walked out and stood at his door, stopping as he began to rustle the thought in his head for the thousandth time… How did this happen? He tried his best to think of distant memories, but nothing came up. He was lost in thought as to what exactly his origin was.. He just woke up in a empty house, with a moving truck waiting outside. his wallet, car keys and cell phone with no messages or calls, or even apps for that matter. Just.. Blank, like everything about his past.

He pondered the thought for the longest time before he ended up with the decision to move to New York. The tan male blinked and was pulled back into reality when he noticed he was in the way of the movers and stepped aside.

“Sorry.” He said, as he gestured for them to go in. He turned his head to the floor and began to walk down the stairs back to the truck to bring in his things. This was the start of a new era, one way or another. Emmett Yoshiro was moving forward, when left with little options. What else could he do?

( @k-chxn )

/ inspired by this beautiful fanart by @soldierdean /

dean loves cas like that, when he stands quietly under the night sky, his eyes so bright they might as well as be stars. they seem to dissolve into the blue of his eyes, and a small smile lights up his face as he lifts up his hands and tries to catch them, twirling around and laughing to himself sometimes. dean wants to tell him, i think you’ve burned bright enough to be called a star yourself. but the moment captured in his memory- of cas, his arms spread wide, as the moonlight embraces him- is so pure, to capture it in words would be tainting it. 

yeah, he loves cas like that. it’s not always that a dying sun gets to see the moon shine.


jordan “the ringleader”, aleks “the sneak”, james “the insider”, dan “the brains”

seamus “the target”

inspired by @aleksvitaly ‘s videos half past five and this is not a game !!