ik he misses him and all

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a guy I had a thing with this past summer left me and now he has a girlfriend. she's so mean to him and he still tries to talk to me in the hallways (blocked him on everything else) maybe he's realized that I could've loved him so much. he says hi to me with a sad half smile as his girlfriend walks in front of him, side by side down the hallway with her best friend as he trails behind. I miss him but he hurt me. part of me thinks it could work out, but ik it wont I don't wanna be rejected again

u said it for urself !! he hurt u !!! he doesn’t deserve u at all bby please remember tht ! don’t EVER go back 2 sum1 who hurt u,, they’re not gna change!!! u deserve sum1 who constantly gives u butterflies! luv will hit u like a comet when u least expect it, just wait !!! hell hav to sort out his problems w his mean gf himself, but I’d recommend focusing on urself for now ok??? I love u

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hey you do know what you're talking about when it comes to edm yeah joel fucked everything up with his ego and shit and I'm also glad the same producers are still good friends after like 5 yrs despite being very busy now (ik u said idc but i agreed)

thank u lmao im gonna take that as a compliment. I stopped listening to edm in like…early, early 2013. i kinda miss it sometimes but the main thing keeping me around was joel & even i got bored of his lame ass dusty ass life+music. i agree with p much all of this. joel is….hes so crazy tbh. in the worst way. & all the guys still being friends is really sweet. i only keep up with dillon cause i follow him on snapchat which is an Experience™ tbh but yeah. its good to see them all still goofing around together. btw has gaspard shaved?? i been gone for so long… has he shaved yet???

/ miss stryekr so much u guys ee used to rake him to waikikIand let him ride the boogie board bc he didntl ike swiming; all too much and he wssmycfisr doggie ever and i was so happy to hsve him and when he got him he was so teenie tiny and i could fit him in my palm and hutner held him the entire time home when we tok him hoME IM SO SADrn u guys alwayskkep an eye on ur doggie'

i jus hav so much to say but

1) i cant beliv im 17 i still feel 13

2) i feel so horrible n guilty when i see those emotional abuse posts n to kno that i was the abuser its so bad i want to make everything better again n i kno i can n i wuld b soooooo thankful if he came back ik i can treat him better i made him feel like this was all his fault but im so happy i went back n talked to him about it n im jus waiting now