ik a lot of people ship them so

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ok lowkey.......... since ive seen them a lot in ur fics..... taegi makes me super soft too, those two are cute. ik jikook is the only pairing u like ship, and then everything else is super casual, but what do u find cute about taegi?

idk, i honestly think it’s just because tae is my bias and yoongi is my bias wrecker??? so i just kinda ship them based on that fact alone?? but i also think it’s because i’ts one of those ships that people tend to think would never happen because yoongi “hates” tae or whatever. and because v/hope and yoon/seok are more popular (though i “ship” them as well!!). also, the way they’ve started holding hands a ton recently makes me want to sob. fun fact. that’s cute ass shit. 

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Do you not ship drarry because it’s not cannon or do you have another reason? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer to avoid arguing, Ik you have a lot of followers and someone might start something

I like to believe we can all be mature about shipping and not shipping a couple, so I don’t think there’s problem in talking about why I don’t ship drarry :) I’m really attached to the canon indeed, so in my vision I can’t see Draco’s personality matching with Harry’s to the point of starting a relationship of any kind. However, I don’t see any problem about people shipping them, I can appreciate a good fanart when I see one, I won’t put fire to an argument about it because I respect shippers and I have better things to do - like drawing. I’m just not very into the couple to draw them myself or creating headcanons about them. Many followers that I have when I first started drawing Harry are drarry shippers. I was very insecure to start drawing Hinny but they were very supportive, being able to appreciate the art in the first place :) I couldn’t be happier about it. So I’m really ok talking about not shipping drarry, I see many people saying why they don’t ship Hinny and I’m like “well ok”. surprisingly enough, ship hate is not current in my inbox and I hope it keeps that way! :)


I’m honestly so disgusted with our fandom rn. Ik we have a bad name and there are a lot of people who aren’t shitty. But there is also a majority of us who are shit and ruin everything good and holy so let’s make a pact.

- DO NOT send bts explicit picture and/or videos etc. on Twitter

Why the fuck would they want to see that you know that it makes them uncomfortable all those sexual jokes on their videos make me sick and them sick and they have spoken about it before. Go read smut or some shit and DO NOT PUSH YOUR GAY FANTASIES ON THEM. All this shipping is cute and shit until you guys take it too far and start being rude and inappropriate in the comment section.

-“raping jungkook”

First of all the very idea of rape is so fucking sickening and I get it, not everyone should filter themselves just for others but


. The very fact that you’d do this to someone joke or not especially someone you admire and respect.



-ARMY’s everywhere

Just like I said before, bts is not the center of the universe and ARMY’s have already made a bad name for themselves when they are always talking about bts. It’s okay to fangirl about your favs BUT NOT ON VIDEOS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH BTS. This gets on my nerves because it is so disrespectful to comment on a new groups comeback or something and the whole comment section gets taken over with comments like
“Haha Jimin got no jams XDDDD”
“HAHA ARMY is everywhere we rock!1!1!”(you dont)
“This reminds me of bts~~~”
Honestly stop that shit.

-overused jokes 

Okay. *deep breath* I fucking hate these overused jokes like at kcon jimin made an unhappy face when someone screamed you got no jams at him. ITS NOT FUNNY. STOP COMMENTING THAT EVERYWHERE. Jokes like:

“Jimin got no jams hehe XDD”

“RAPMON is the God of destruction!!!!”

“Jhorse!!!!! hA”

“Jungkook YOURE A CHILD DONT DO THAT LOL *is actually 15*”

“Jungkook hates girls!!”

“Jungkook hates jimin!!!”

There’s so much more but honestly these were barely funny at first and now they’re overused and offensive so knock it off.

ok so my friends made some rlly good poems about the fandom and it clearly expresses everything I said in poem form. 

Disclaimer: if you’re an army guilty of the following, do the world a favor and don’t read :) Also we’re aware that not EVERY army is cancer, but the majority of the fandom is, so enjoy :) 

 CLEARLY, one of the poems is superior but… *cough* you can decide amongst yourselves (btw, thisll be at the end of the rant, George and i just didnt know how to start the rant so we did this instead lmao) 

Disclaimer: if you’re an army guilty of the following, do the world a favor and don’t read :) Also we’re aware that not EVERY army is cancer, but the majority of the fandom is, so enjoy :) 

 Hey army 

Stomp stomp 

At first you were pretty gnarly

 But now all you do is alarm me 

So stop being so swarm-y

 You’re the bad sort of smarmy 

Stomp stomp 

Everyone hates you


 Hello there army, I’ve got a news flash

 Were you really not expecting the immense backlash 

It started with “Hey look at Jungkook, he’s a good dancer” 

And now all I see in youtube comments is pure cancer 

Who knew you preteens could be so brash 

As you lean over and pluck out Namjoon’s eyelash 

Anyone who dares say that bts isn’t the answer 

Your army friends, like dead spirits, conjure; you’re a necromancer 

To anyone who is butthurt you can kiss my *ehem* ash 

Cause regardless of what you think, some armies are complete trash -Alicja (@ikon-lasagna)

 proud of this^ *bows* It’s very rappy

ngl Beliza and Elycia shippers make me very uncomfortable

like you do realize that Eliza, Bob, and Alycia are not their characters right ? ?

idk like it’s okay to be like “aw they could be cute” but to actually hardcore ship them ??? when you barely know anything about them (ik a lot of people think they know everything about these actors, but we really don’t all right? they have private lives too) … is just so … weird ? and creepy ? 

idk man if you’re actually genuinely upset about Eliza’s pic with that dude idk what to tell you - Eliza ain’t Clarke