Ijada, Canton Jade from Engelbaum.  He’s a florist, who loves to make friends, and in a previous incarnation, was well known among family as having never met a stranger in his life.  His brother, who I figured was easiest turned into his Dreamer, is a shy little thing, who’s re-adopted him as sibling in this ‘verse.

I’m still developing him the rest of the way, but I know he loves playing with plants.  He’ll HAPPILY chatter with people about them.  He will readily admit when he doesn’t know a thing, so if someone wants to share info?  He’ll gleefully go along with it.  He’ll look it up later, but he’ll enjoy the info.

#24 of OC October

Flynt: Get Jade

You were ready for a night in the forest. You get your overcoat on and head to Jade’s dorm. On your way, you think to yourself about the many places in the forest you haven’t seen. You had your most formal clothes on… which basically was some jeans and one of the only shirts you had that wasn’t torn or stained. You also brought some flashlights, just in case. You see the door to Jade’s dorm and knock in it.