Maj. Teruhiko Kobayashi started his career in the JAAF as a light bomber pilot over China. He rose to fame as a CO of the 244 Sentai defending the skies over Tokyo in 1944/45. Major Kobayashi is credited with five victories, three B-29’s and two F6F Hellcats. After the war, Kobayashi joined the Self-Defense air force and was killed in June 1957 in a training accident involving a T-33, crashing on approach in bad weather.

A Japanese Ki-46 “Dinah” barely misses a B-29 of the 29th Bombardment Group during a flight over the Marianas Islands en route to mainland Japan in 1945.

More than 600 bombers participated in the raid. The Japanese lost more than 200 planes of various makes and models in suicide attacks against the massive and well-made B-29s.

The Japanese plane in the picture looks almost like a toy compared to the huge Superfortress.