Aria took a deep breath, trying to shake off her nerves. She hadn’t seen Ivy in years, decades even, and she hadn’t wanted to, but now…she thought she should at least check in. She knew her aunt probably didn’t want to see her. She probably hadn’t ever missed her or spared her a thought, but for her own sanity, Aria needed to see her. She knocked lightly on the door and took a deep breath, unsure of when exactly in her aunt’s timeline she’d even shown up, but things were desperate, so Aria went to the closest family member. She knocked again, this time yelling out, “Oi! Ivy Song! I know you’re in there so you might as well open the door and answer me!”

((Sooo...that awkward moment when I stayed up WAY later than I should have considering I have work in the morning...))

Welp, that’s what happens when you’re angry I guess. Ugh. Family. Anyhoozums and bacon, I shall be turning into bed!

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