iis rpg

  • Me, playing an RPG for the tenth time: Okay. This time for sure. This time I'm going to be the Renegade/Agressive/Evil/ect character.
  • Me: *says one thing that could be interpreted as not really nice*
  • Me: Oh No.
Me playing Fable II
  • At the beginning
  • Me: haha this is fun :)
  • Near the end
  • Me: life is meaningless

Dragon age: favourite apostates.

Enchanter, come to see
Can-a you, can-a you come to see,
As you once were blind
In the light now you can sing?
In our strength we can rely,
And history will not repeat.


[DOS / APPLE2 / C64] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1988]

  • Computer Gaming World, August 1988 (#50)
  • via CGW Museum
  • ‘Wasteland’ ring a bell to anyone? Hopefully it does, since it was a huge contributor to the book of what we see in popular post-nuke games! It even got a sequel through Kickstarter a couple years back, and before that it spawned a spiritual sequel that you may have heard of: Fallout!