If It Makes You Happy || dallas-mikey

Clare watched as Eli left the room, the door slamming behind him and she winced. It took her back to a place that felt dark. They’d been through so much and now it was all crumbling yet again and she wasn’t sure which way she should point the finger. He was under pressure due to NYU and the closer he got to it, the more tense he got. She wanted to hang out and he was always busy and she gave him space but it never seemed to be enough. According to him, she’d made him come to this party. She wasn’t sure if that was true. She’d mentioned it and said she was going with Alli and then he asked her to come with her and she wasn’t sure how that meant she’d made him come. Clare shook her head and sunk down onto Fiona’s bed as she remembered the last time she’d been in there. She’d told him about Asher and they’d seemed so much stronger than they did in that moment. They were slipping away from one another and she knew it and she wondered idly if this was how Eli felt before when he’d felt her slipping away.

She laughed softly to herself as she covered her face. She was one of those girls in high school at some party on a random night crying over a boy. Crying over an argument that made no sense to her. She wasn’t supposed to be that girl and she figured things quickly changed the minute you fell for some pretty-eyed boy who could sweep you off of your feet with words. Clare sighed and dropped her hands from her face as she heard the door open and she looked over, thinking it would be Fiona but instead was confused as she saw Dallas. Quickly, she stood up, moving her hands under her eyes again and reached for her bag. “Sorry. Uh… I’ll get out. Wait, what are you doing in here?” She asked curiously, as she paused in her steps toward the door. Then she wondered if maybe he was looking for the bathroom. Maybe the other one was full and Fiona had sent him this way. “Right, I’m sorry. That was nosy. I’ll get out of the way,” She murmured to herself as she continued toward the door, putting her bag on her shoulder as she wondered if Jake was still around to give her a ride home.