Question Time

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So, I was tagged by the awesome yeratimelordsuperlock. She is to cool. ;)

1. Favourite colour? And why?

I think my favorite color is probably red. I like it because (this is probably really psychopathic, but) it’s the color of blood and i think that the blood crimson red color is cool.

2. Favourite cuisine?

I think my favorite cuisine is Italian. I just love there food and the style.

3. When is your Birthday?

My birthday is in September (the 22nd if anybody cares).

4. Your current obsession?

My current obsession is Supernatural, Sherlock and just started Dr.Who, but to be general, fandoms.

5. Your current internet crush?

I’m not sure what this one means. I’m going to guess you mean celeberty wise? If not, I’m sorry. You can bother me and complain to me if you want to. But, to answer the question, probably Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

6. The character you can most relate to?

The character I most relate to is probably Sam Winchester. I relate to him because me and my dad disagree a lot, I don’t really feel like part of my family and I am bad with emotions (except if it’s someone I trust then I’m better. I also love to research and love mythology.

7. The character you most sympathise with?

The character I can’t help but feel sorry for is, Kevin Tran, because of the recent episode. SPOILER!!!! I felt sad for him that his whole world got flipped around and then despite him trying to do good and stay sane by helping Sam and Dean he gets killed and I just so sympathized with his internal struggle.

8. A time in History you’d like to travel back to?

I don’t know about history, but I would love to travel back to the 80s where rock and roll was born. I love rock and roll and wish it was big, unlike the crap today.

9. A skill you wish you had (if you already weren’t the SUPER awesome person you are)

*blushes* Thanks, I am pretty awesome. But the one skill I wish I had was the ability to draw, because I always find myself doodling even though I can’t draw worth sh!t.

10. Your favourite type of cake?

I like pie way more than cake (just saying) but my favorite cake is the confetti multi-colored ones you see in the cake mix, or red velvet.

My Questions:

1. Do you think you’ll still like your fandoms 5 years from now?

2. Is there something upsetting you about a fandom? (Venting time).

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

4. Would you change your name, given the chance?

5. What is a TV series that was cancelled and you wish would come back?

6. Favorite band/singer?

7. Dream job?

8. Show you want to start or just started?

9. What super power would you want if given the choice? (Be creative <3 )

10. What is your religion (if you have one)?

11. Are you excited for the TV series on hiatus to come back?


So basically, this blog http://mabimekko.tumblr.com/tagged/yolo-quotes (my work is the Hayley image, pictured top left) has stolen my artwork and done nothing more than add their name and make their own versions of it. Inspiration is fine, I do it all the time, copy and pasting my work is not. I would appreciate any support you guys would have as I work hard to produce these images. Thank you ♥

There seem to be quite a few people on Tumblr recently who have helped me out in some way.

So thanks to fuckyeahmovieposters for not only helping spread my work, but also for pointing out a spelling error so that I could change it in time. Thanks to rolfereynoldsroryandchris for sourcing 2 of my gifs and asking who the author was, and finally, fuck mabimekko for stealing one of my images without the common courtesy to reply when I have asked them nicely to reference me. I really appreciate all of my followers, so thank you too! :)