iim done

Happy human “Valentine2 Day”, wherein ♊’m told you’re 2uppo2ed to 2end card2 and dre22 up like human… 2hit, ♊ forgot what the2e were called. They’re kind of like Fidu2pawn, but not?

2o hey. Enjoy, mini me. ♊ expect you to adopt thi2 co2tume when you get bigger, by the way.


piippiin, ii thiink ii can’t get more done wiith you than ii already am. holy fuck. ii’m laughiing 2o hard ii think you’re goiing two kiill me wiith the amount of riidiiculou2-o2iity enca2ed iin thii2 card.

and no, no, ii wiill never wear that.

you can’t make me.