Fucking Illuminati gays are turning everything gay. Can’t even go on tumblr without see something I love like Star Wars, Superman and Batman turned gay. Never hated gays before, but now I do because of their shit. Enough is enough, the IIluminati must die, the gay agenda must die. We need to do what Russia and Uganda have the balls to do.


I discovered something very strange and mildly disturbing while I was on the internet today. I finally decided to look up Benny Lewis and noticed something very strange.

You can see in this picture, all seems normal…at first. 

Then I looked closer. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, so I checked out another photo and this is what I found.

It just seemed too obvious, but then I remembered something. If you add up the letters of the phrase:

Benny Lewis is a polyglot.

It is 21 letters long, and 21 divided by 7, a lucky number, equals 3. Want to know what has three sides? A triangle.

 iIluminati confirmed.