Some (transparent) splintered Striders, for splinteredstriders. Because everything on their list is awesome, and because there just ain’t enough Davesprite, Brobot and Lil Hal floating around at the moment. 

Headaches and moodswings. Bluh. Have a colour sketch of Brobot - I think his arm’s wrong, but I only really wanted to doodle him to figure out how I wanted him to look for future pics. Expect more sketches/lazy art until I feel chipper enough to get back to drawing proper stuff. Reminder: Tumblr saviour #iijunk if you don’t wanna see my scruffy, un-inked, backgroundless sketches like this.

‘Dogs never bite me - just humans’. - Marilyn Monroe

Another prompt for the HSWC! I was thinking about those cute pictures that occasionally crop up on my dash of kittiens curled up on doggies =3
Don’t look too hard at the anatomy details (Like…literally, I couldn’t figure out how they’re fingers would intertwine, and my boyfriend wasn’t around to get him to pose soooooo Nepeta doesn’t get a little finger this time, okay? Shh!)

First panel of a quick abandoned comic. A while back I typed ‘davesprite’ into Origin Generator and it became 'substitute’. Nooo! My poor heart! In light of recent updates, I thought I’d make a comic about it. I got this far, then went back to OG to screencap only to find it no-longer changes into 'substitute’, so the comic is moot now =/ But this panel is was done so I thought I might as well share it.

So, Cineworld cinemas (UK) are showing the original Ghostbusters for Halloween, and if that isn’t an excuse to cosplay Homestuck, I don’t know what is. It’s nation wide, but I’ll be going to the Wolverhampton showing. If anyone wants to tag along, drop me an ask and let’s make a lazy cosplay thing outta this. I could take my boyfriend, but he’s not very hyped about it and let’s face it, John would enjoy it more. 
Damn. I wanna make a Marshmallow Man smuppet now.

Okay, I tend to make unnecessary walloping great walls of text over every little thing, so I’ll do everyone a favour and not prattle on about my feels or theories for the update, but I haven't seen anybody on my dash questioning the curiously missing Red Plush Puppet Tux Dave.  He’s there with Doomed!John and Felt Duds Dave in the first shot, but when Lord English Shoop-da-Whoops them into oblivion, he’s not with them. I did a quick character count. EVERYONE that was present in the first two screens of dream bubble buddies is present, except Plush Tux Dave and a few of the many Aradiabots. Shinanigans? I mean he was center screen in the first shot, and then suddenly not there at all when they all disintergrate.

Sorry if I’m being an idiot and stating the obvious. *cringes* I’ll go back to sketching now.


Friendly reminder: Tumblr Saviour #iijunk to avoid my quick doodles/text posts/goggles/DoD. If you haven't acquired goggles yet, go here. Do it, it’s spiffy: http://goggles.sneakygcr.net/

I had a MLP contest picture to finish for a deadline, and was missing drawing Homestuck. I made up for it by doing occasional HS goggles-doodles on tumblr and youtube.

Most of my gogglesdoodles get erased before I finish them. I’ve lost so many pictures of Davesprite, it’s like he’s cursed or something.  Normally I wage weird dorky wars with goggle-erasers; I countertroll them by drawing dumb pointy anime shades everywhere, faster than they can erase, until they give up trying and skulk off. I’m so mature. But when I was half way through drawing that Jake, someone scribbled black lines on it, and I literally just pleaded with them to stop. Amazingly, it’s still there now on Youtube! Someone erased some grass and his thigh, but I redrew the thigh again. I’m stubborn. 

I was so happy when torakodragon drew the Dirk next to him while I was still drawing! <3 I love sharing goggles space while drawing! Met some spiffy people =3  Someone drew adorable Tavs on the heads page, (cassie-the-short? Was that you?) but they kept getting erased>< . I thought I’d screenied them but I can’t find it u_u And crazed-skittles drew the tannglebuddy with mine! Goggles is a sprite prototyped with the bees knees and the cat’s meow.

Fullview. Art styles practice with John. The last one on the far right is my old style (which I’ve kinda revived during commissions somehow), the middle is supposed to be my current style, and the left is a new thing I cooked up with Whack-a-Jack in mind  after my boyfriend suggested simpler might be the way to go - I should be making dialogue headshots for WaJ soon, so I’m considering alternative styles. Whadda you guys think? Obviously my old style doesn't suit WaJ, but of the other two which do you prefer? Or should I experiment some more? Also, Vogun thinks I should ink & colour these, but it kinda feels time-wasteful? They’re just stood/floating there afterall…maybe… I dunno?

I’ve fallen in love with the latest Homestuck Album, Alexander Rosetti’s ‘Genesis Frog’. It’s so whimsical feeling and inspiring! I took a break from the commission I was working on to doodle some scruffy salamanders while I just listened to it. I've somehow never drawn any consorts before so I did a LOT of doodles trying to decide how I wanted them to look, but I mostly deleted them as I went along. These were the last two I did, so they got lucky and didn’t get sent to Deleted-Layer Heaven. Still not happy with their faces, but the album’s finished playing so I’m done for now. Time to get lunch then get back to Striders.

Back (and still Homestuck).

Good gravy, I haven’t changed one bit have I *facepalms*! I literally spent the entire day sending two messages on tumblr - Holey moley I’m so terrible at people! What are words and how do feelings?

Anywho, it’s been a while, but I’m back. You have no idea how much I missed being here, and I am such a colossal idiot for holding out this long!
I may have…. kinda forgotten what all this ‘drawing’ business is all about, so please bear with me while I get my bearings and pull myself out of this lost year. Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck around (yikes!) and sorry to my friends and followers for just rudely disappearing on you without a word. I can’t pack enough apologies into this post for letting you down, and being such an inconsiderate jerk! 

Waking up to comments is always awesome. A bunch of people have made comments about wanting to cosplay my genderswap Dirk and Jake and I’m just really flattered and psyched, and oh gosh, what if someone actually goes through with it?! Mmph! And when people say your interpretation of something is their headcannon? Fshjkhfhhhhelp!

I’m in such a good mood, I don’t even care what happens for the rest of the day. Bring it on; I’ve got a tank fulla happy. 

Good morning (in England) tumblr! I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who signal boosted my commissions post. You guys are too good to me! I thought my prices would be way too high for tumblr, but I didn’t get one negative message! I was so scared to make the commissions post, but I took a chance and you were nothing but encouraging - some of the comments made me hide behind my hands, grinning; jeeze guys, so sweet! Thank you!

anonymous asked:

Dude I think there's a cheat or something in whack-a-jack I just finished and got like 30 and then I see the high score list and there are people getting like 8000.

While I’m answering this, I’d just like to thank everyone for the awesome feedback on Whack-a-Jack! The response was way bigger and more positive than we were expecting, and really encouraging!

Now, back to your ask, Anon. Nah, some people are just screenshot editing to make themselves look like rad gamerz. You CAN click Jack multiple times, not just once before he disappears  and realistically you can click him about three times a second. He shows up about once a second, making a theoretical limit of 90.

WITH a third-party macro program cheating for you, you could reasonably expect 450. But that would be cheating. Anything beyond 500 is just a screenshot edit, not even cheating really, just lying.

Also, this should be pretty obvious, but the in-game scoreboard is a joke. If you’re familiar with the fandom, AR’s score is Pi, and ends in 4 because cononicaly, he ‘solved’ it. Snowball wears a hat with the number '8’ on it and it’s obvious why she’d wanna kick his ass at this. Bro scores exactly 10000 less then Snowball, Dave exactly 10000 less than Bro, it’s all incredibly contrived looking. 

When the game’s finished though, there’ll be multiple levels and more features, and you can expect much, much higher scores to be plausible.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, Vogun will figure out how to make savable scores so there can be a real, working score table. Maybe. 

Sorry, some slight blog redirection.

TL:DR - I fluffed up, I’m sorry. I’m changing this blog from ‘a requests blog’ to just 'my Homestuck fanart’, because I’m just not doing enough requests fast enough to warrant calling it a requests blog anymore. You guys are awesome, sorry I let you down. Also, sorry to everyone that I owe a response to! The more I care, the harder it is for me to formulate a response.

You don’t need to read the wall of text below. There’s no art, just apologies and explanations.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is really possibly the most stupid question ever, but I still have to ask it. I've seen pictures on Goggles where the image is half-off my screen, but others are still easily able to work on it/see it. Is this just a matter of screen resolution or can they scroll to the sides or...?

Most stupid question ever? Pshhh, naw! Piffle! That’s a perfectly sound question! I only just found out myself! Literally just the day before yesterday, in fact. I was drawing on tumblr dash when someone drew an arrow to my pic, but it came from off screen, so I asked with Goggles and someone drew an answer for me. Apparently, you can zoom in and zoom out if you’re using Google Chrome! If you look at the top right corner of screen, and click the wrench icon, then you can select a zoom in or out scale.

And bobs your ectobiological uncle!

*EDIT* Thanks for the info, lost-two-followers-because-i !

Apparently, you can di it in Firefox too, by pressing ‘ctrl’ and scrolling with your mouse.