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Ducktails Porch Projector



Ducktails - Sprinter

Just got the new Ducktails today and I’m really glad I waited instead of just gettin’ the leak.  First album I’ve done that for on purpose.   He’s my fave and just solidified it really, I just woke up from a nap and then it was perfect, I still felt like I was curled up under a pile of blankets and had been kind of nervous but then reassured that it was okay, everything was okay, it would all work out.  Ducktails is one of the only bands that makes me feel like that.

Hamilton Road
Hamilton Road

Melancholy Monday - 3.7.11

What is Melancholy-Monday you ask? Well, it’s a Monday post of dreamy indie-pop goodness to kick off the week.

Here is one from the Ducktails album, Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, that was released in January called Hamilton Road – man, that was a lot of information for one sentence. This album is a bit different from their previous work, specifically from their self-titled first album. Unlike that one, that was comprised of lo-fi musical landscapes, some songs on this album are actually, well, songs. They all still have this home-studio kind of feel to them, but now there are lyrics (and drum beats!) that help focus the feel of the landscapes a bit. For whatever reason this song is the one that I wind up humming, and whistling, and drumming with whatever pen or pencil that happens to be within my grasp – funny how that happens. It is, though, by no means the best song on the album (as good as I think it is). There is Killing the Vibe, which was done with Panda Bear, and Art Vandeley (gotta love the Seinfeld reference) to name a few. The “landscapes” are still there, but now they act as pleasant distractions instead of aimless noise…yeah, clearly I’m not a fan of musical landscapes.