iii corps

The I. SS-Panzerkorps consisting of the Leibstandarte, Das Reich and Totenkopf Divisions under the command of SS-Obergruppenführer Paul Hausser, rolls into the Ukrainian city of Kharkov in March 1943. Attacking from the north and west, the Waffen-SS slammed into the city’s defences and battled the Soviets in five days of intense house-to-house fighting, before Kharkov was finally taken.

Officially done with Fort Hood and the rest of the Army. Tired of being micromanaged.

TL,DR: I’m no longer authorized to carry my nalgene water bottle or a gallon jug, which is an edc for me in order to stay hydrated due to the outdoor nature of my job.

Fucking hate the “Soldiers” making these decisions. In reality, they’re a bunch of fucking politicians on a power trip in their air conditioned offices.

I can’t wait to fucking ETS.


A Philippine Marine provides security in anticipation for the landing of U.S. Marine CH-53E Super Stallions assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462 during Air Assault Support Exercise 2015-2 at Crows Valley, Philippines, July 22, 2015. The Philippine Marines participated in two weeks of bilateral training alongside U.S. Marines to improve readiness and strengthen interoperability between both forces. HMH-462 is attached to Marine Aircraft Group 36, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force through the Unit Deployment Program. The Philippine Marines are with Marine Battalion Landing Team 1, 1st Battalion, Philippine Marine Corps.

Photo by Cpl. Tyler S. Giguere

Found this photo awhile ago in bad quality & watermarks all over it on some foreign website and just recently just found a good quality version. The only caption for it Ive found is saying that they are Estonians (evident from the collar patches) from the 20th SS Grenadier Division. Either way it’s a pretty cool photo!