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  • Gansey: [to Blue] There's a couple of things that we were hoping that you'd help us with.
  • Ronan: Yes, like where does the water go in the iron?
  • Noah: And what's the iron for?
  • Gansey: And what gets out Kool-Aid stains?
  • Noah: Yeah, we already know that the opposite color Kool-Aid doesn't work.
  • Ronan: Also, Adam scraped me when we were fork-jousting last week and I don't think it's healing right.
  • Blue: Oh, Ronan, that's infected!
  • Gansey: "Infected!" That's the word I was looking for!

To be honest learning about Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and being part of the True Crime Community is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me.

ID of serial killer ‘The Co-Ed Killer’ Ed Kemper from the California Medical Facility state prison where he is incarcerated.

Between 1964-1973 Edmund Emil Kemper III was responsible for the murder of 10 people, including his own mother and grandparents. Primarily Kemper’s victims were young female hitchhikers. Kemper would pick them up and promise to take them to their destination but instead would drive to a secluded area to murder them.

After killing his victims Kemper would take their corpses back to his home to decapitate, dismember and engage in necrophilia. Kemper’s final two victims were his own mother and her friend. After this Kemper surrendered himself to the police. After being found guilty of murder at the close of his 1973 trial he requested the death penalty. He instead received eight consecutive life sentences.

Those killed by Ed Kemper were Maude Hughey Kemper (66 – his grandmother), Edmund Emil Kemper Sr. (72 – his grandfather), Mary Anne Pesce (18), Anita Luchessa (18), Aiko Koo (15), Cindy Schall (19), Rosalind Thorpe (23), Alice Liu (21), Clarnell Strandberg (50+ - his mother) and Sara Hallett (50+ - his mother’s friend).

Kemper is known for his unusually tall height of 6’9” and his very high intelligence with an IQ of 145. He remains in prison today, being described as a model prisoner. He spends much time crafting ceramic cups, organising appointments between prisoners and their psychiatrists and has spent over 5,000 hours recording audiobooks for the blind.

“It was an urge, a strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people - risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn’t take because they could lead to arrest.” - Edmund Emil Kemper III

Astrology and Hogwarts Houses (Just for Fun!)

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

According to J.K. Rowling, the Houses and elements correspond as such:
Fire: Gryffindor
Earth: Hufflepuff
Air: Ravenclaw
Water: Slytherin

Basically, what you do is you figure out which sign is in each placement. For instance, I am a Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Gryffindor’s corresponding element is Fire. This means, based on the question, that I AM a Gryffindor. My Rising is Aquarius, an Air sign, which corresponds to Ravenclaw – i.e. I look like a Ravenclaw.

Just for fun! How true did it turn out to be?

I AM (Sun) a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I FEEL (Moon) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I TALK (Mercury) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I LOVE (Venus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I EXPRESS (Mars) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I GROW (Jupiter) like a Sagittarius (Sagittarius)
I FEAR (Saturn) like a Slytherin (Pisces)
I CHANGE (Uranus) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I DREAM (Neptune) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I TRANSFORM (Pluto) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)
I LOOK (Rising) like a Ravenclaw (Aquarius)
I ACHIEVE (Midheaven) like a Gryffindor (Sagittarius)

I approach FINANCES (House II Sign) like a Gryffindor (Aries)
I approach COMMUNICATION (House III Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Taurus)
I approach HOME LIFE (House IV Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Gemini)
I approach CREATIVITY (House V Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach HEALTH (House VI Sign) like a Slytherin (Cancer)
I approach RELATIONSHIPS (House VII Sign) like a Gryffindor (Leo)
I approach UNCERTAINTY (House VIII Sign) like a Ravenclaw (Libra)
I approach TRAVEL (House IV Sign) like a Slytherin (Scorpio)
I approach FRIENDSHIPS (House XI Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)
I approach COMPLETION (House XII Sign) like a Hufflepuff (Capricorn)

How I Express Myself
  • Jupiter: I am the most generous when:
  • Saturn: I create memories the best when:
  • Uranus: I am original when:
  • Neptune: I am the most creative when:
  • Pluto: I expand and grow when:
  • -
  • House I: I embrace myself.
  • House II: I am confident.
  • House III: I communicate.
  • House IV: I am at home.
  • House V: I am free.
  • House VI: I serve others.
  • House VII: I am in love.
  • House VIII: I feel passionate.
  • House IX: I philosophize.
  • House X: I am in public.
  • House XI: I am with friends.
  • House XII: I am hidden.

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So, yeah.  Not fake. 

Easy-to-Understand houses in planets

House I - talks about your ego and how you project your image to the world. People say this is your social mask but what we present to the world is strongly related with our perceptions of the world and personal values, so don’t take this as fakeness. This is more you than you expect. Is related with the boldness of Aries.

House II - talks about your wealth and resources, surviving and the material world. Also about heritage, or lack of it, and how you will deal with money. Is related with the abundance of Taurus.

House III - talks about communication. How we make boundaries and our relationships - in terms of socializing with people, friends, family. To relate with others we must communicate so this is also about studies and education, basic learning and learning through others. Is related with the discourse of Gemini.

House IV - talks about family. How you deal with emotional stress at home, your relationships with relatives, memories of the past and family traumas. Also talks how you deal with the mother figure of your life. Is related with the caring nature of Cancer.

House V - talks about creation. It can be future projects, work, children, what makes you be who you are through what you do in life, what you build. This is working with passion and impulse of wanting to express and to be seen. Is related with the performer nature of Leo.

House VI - talks about work, professional image and career. It can be your work environment or your dream work, or how you deal with responsibilities and pressure of criticism. While house V is about creating with the heart, house VI is creating with the mind, doing the cruel work of availing and judging with perfectionism. Is related with the sharpness of Virgo.

House VII - talks about love and romantic partnership. What you’re looking for in a romance, what makes you feel attracted, what makes your mind blow and your feelings boil, and how you deal with these passionate emotions. Love usually brings balance to our life, so is also about personal equilibrium. Is related with the seductiveness of Libra.

House VIII - talks about life changes. It is a fatal house of development in life: can be through falling in love, experiencing sex, facing death, going through sickness, getting out of the teenage years and into the adult world, learning through traumas and hardships. Dealing with sudden changes and overcoming them to get the reward. Is related with the intense nature of Scorpio.

House IX - talks about wisdom, moral and ethics, and also your beliefs. It can be about your faith, which religious path you will follow, how you will deal with it. While house III is about knowledge and communicating, IX is about knowledge and reflecting. To learn one must be open to new ideas, so this can also be about traveling to meet new cultures, or going through studies like college and post graduations. Maybe all. Is related with the expansive nature of Sagittarius.

House X - talks about social position. This is about nobility, family pride and social power. Not necessarily about finances, like the house II, or work, like the house VI, but about being in charge of a leadership, or a very important role. Also about your relationship with your father figure, leaders and bosses, and how you deal with authorities and hierarchy. Since all these things are related with “successful” roles, this house also shows how you deal with difficulties and failures in your life. Is related with the ambitious nature of Capricorn.

House XI - talks about your place in society. Unlike house X that looks after power, this house is about what you do of remarkable in your society, in your groups, to make it better - or if you run from it if everything feels overwhelmingly wrong. Is about social development, and how you deal with and solve social problems, and everything that “upgrades” our present and build a better place. Is related with the inventive nature of Aquarius.

House XII - talks about your dreams and unconscious. This is how you imagine things to survive the cruelty of the world. Like the house XI this is a place for upgrades, but while the XI is about the collective, the XII is about the individual. They say what you think becomes real, and in this case is how you deal with your inner hopes and fears, expectations and rancors, and how they influence your life. Also talks about remarkable moments of joy and traumas that unconsciously shapes you, and if you use this to inspire or destroy yourself and others. Also your relation with places where you deal with your shadow self for recovery, karma payment, or escapism: prisons, therapy houses and rehab centers, or online games. If you believe in past life, this is about the karmas you’re paying from them. Is related with the romanticism of Pisces.


When Sherlock was transported from the endless Mind Palace staircase back into consciousness for a third time, there wasn’t a sudden brightness of surgical light or the worried voice of John to dominate his perception, and his senses were informing him of a different surrounding.

Sight: remained to be assessed. Smell: of plastic – nasal oxygen cannula. Touch: odd, mostly numb, but something, something warm and soft in contact with his left hand.

He forced his heavy eyelids open and felt a surge of adrenaline tightening his chest. It helped clear the fuzziness in his mind.

He hadn’t been in the proximity of her face since their intimacy in the heat of Karachi, and he’d dared not hope to be presented with that privilege again. Not even when, consequent of a turn of fate, he did chance upon her elegant form, her steps light and swift ahead of him in the Montenegrin streets. Compelled by a momentary weakness, he'd followed her and found out where she lived. But not even then, at his lowest ebb, towards the end of The Fall, did he break his resolve and ring her doorbell.

Yet here she was, The Woman, in London where she shouldn’t be. By his side. She was never one to let anything draw to a close with a grand finale directed by someone else, and of course this time it was her who flew across the world, when the news broke that the Consulting Detective was found in Magnussen’s office, on the verge of becoming past tense.

Her makeup was flawless, without the merest hint of any smudge. But there was a single, small, semi-dried water spot on the bed sheet beside his forearm, he observed.

“..and The Woman will cry..” Ah. So she did. And the current level of morphine meant for his bullet wound was no longer sufficient to alleviate the ache in his chest.

Seconds of locked gaze and maintained silence, and her expression shifted as she briefly glanced down – at her small hand gently holding his. For a moment he thought she was going to retract it, but instead of moving her hand, she spoke evenly, “Look how much your pulse rate’s just accelerated. Heart still going strong, I see.”

Her smirk didn’t reach her eyes.

No mention was made of what had transpired in Karachi, or what paths they’d each been treading through since.

No comment was given regarding the implication of the slight change in her slender figure, or the inconspicuous mark on her ring finger.

No answer was offered explaining her trip across the Atlantic Ocean, no excuse crafted for the rose and card. No reassurance was stated, no promise sworn. Nor any sign that either of them intended to meet again.

Now wasn’t the time.

“Do calm yourself, dear. Mrs Watson will be expecting to see a heavily sedated patient when she slips in to request your discretion. Which reminds me, the window route is no longer under CCTV surveillance, and I estimate will remain in its current state for another 11 hours, give or take. You’re welcome.” Her parting words rolled off her tongue with the nonchalance of someone remarking upon the serenity of the night, as she stood from the edge of his hospital bed, and he wondered just how much she knew. About Mary. About Magnussen.

She quirked an eyebrow as she gave him a final, pointed look before turning to leave.

Be careful and stay alive, will you?

He pursed his lips, not breaking their piercing eye contact.

And you.



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Request: Request for reader being Pike’s daughter? Any pairing. :)

A/N: I wrote this three separate times. This last time ended up being closer to home than I intended. It’s also not quite a pairing. It’s not super couplely, but I hope you enjoy regardless. 

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Treyarch has issued a community challenge!

This challenge is available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and consists of four tiers. Treyarch has left us in the dark in regards to our first three rewards, should we meet the goals, but has revealed the final reward to be a FULL SET of Mega Gobblegum!

The goal is for the community to consume 10 million Gobblegum!

Get chewing!


With an IQ of over 145, Edmund Kemper III would become one of America’s most important serial killers. Weighing almost 300 pounds and standing at 6 foot 9 inches, Kemper, still living, killed a total of 10 people. His grandparents being his first victims at age 15, he would go on to kill 6 co-eds alongside his verbally and emotionally abusive (many believe the root of his mental state) mother and her best friend before turning himself in at the age of 23.

I’m counting on you…” And I walk away
“You’re hard to read man!”
“I know…

Just a sketch of that moment in ep58 where Percy gives Vax the clasp/brooch that he’s been working on for like three episodes.
This moment just made me very emotional for some reason..


Raven!Max AU

For @thatonezombiecosplayer‘s Corvus cormax (which y’all should go read btw). I’m sorry it’s probably not very accurate to the fic, buuut enjoy some cute raven gifs, at least? :D Oh, and Happy Birthday, Donda! <3