Jon Snow: The silent, unknown and unthought answer to Sansa’s hopes.

“I will be safe in Highgarden. Willas will keep me safe.”

“But he does not know you,” Dontos insisted, “and he will not love you. Jonquil, Jonquil, open your sweet eyes, these Tyrells care nothing for you. It’s your claim they mean to wed.”

“My claim?” She was lost for a moment.

“Sweetling,” he told her, “you are heir to Winterfell.” He grabbed her again, pleading that she must not do this thing, and Sansa wrenched free and left him swaying beneath the heart tree. She had not visited the godswood since.

But she had not forgotten his words, either. The heir to Winterfell, she would think as she lay abed at night. It’s your claim they mean to wed. Sansa had grown up with three brothers. She never thought to have a claim, but with Bran and Rickon dead… It doesn’t matter, there’s still Robb, he’s a man grown now, and soon he’ll wed and have a son. Anyway, Willas Tyrell will have Highgarden, what would he want with Winterfell?

A Storm of Swords - Sansa II

How would you like to marry your cousin, the Lord Robert?”

The thought made Sansa weary. All she knew of Robert Arryn was that he was a little boy, and sickly. It is not me she wants her son to marry, it is my claim. No one will ever marry me for love. But lying came easy to her now. “I … can scarcely wait to meet him, my lady. But he is still a child, is he not?”

—A Storm of Swords - Sansa VI

“How can I lose men I do not have? I had hoped to bestow Winterfell on a northman, you may recall. A son of Eddard Stark. He threw my offer in my face.” Stannis Baratheon with a grievance was like a mastiff with a bone; he gnawed it down to splinters.

“By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.”

“Lady Lannister, you mean? Are you so eager to see the Imp perched on your father’s seat? I promise you, that will not happen whilst I live, Lord Snow.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon I

Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.”

“I have heard all I need to hear of Lady Lannister and her claim.” The king set the cup aside. “You could bring the north to me. Your father’s bannermen would rally to the son of Eddard Stark. Even Lord Too-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse. White Harbor would give me a ready source of supply and a secure base to which I could retreat at need. It is not too late to amend your folly, Snow. Take a knee and swear that bastard sword to me, and rise as Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.”

How many times will he make me say it? “My sword is sworn to the Night’s Watch.”

—A Dance with Dragons - Jon IV

Instead of Tyrion, Willas or even Robert, who pursue Sansa’s claim over her, there is a man that has been offered Winterfell and choose her over it:By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” Among all the high lords interested in becoming the Lord of Winterfell by marrying Sansa Stark, the bastard Jon Snow refused to despoil his sister Sansa of her rights, even if her claim is the one thing he has wanted as much as he had ever wanted anything.

Don’t you find this very romantic? I mean, when Sansa thinks: “No one will ever marry me for love” (Because everyone only wants her claim to Winterfell), at the other part of the world is Jon Snow saying more than once: By right Winterfell should go to my sister Sansa.“ "Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa.” This for me is one of the most romantic passages of the books.

Protection FAQ

These are Frequently Asked Questions I get about astral. Please check this guide before asking me questions concerning protection! I will not answer you if it is already answered here. This will be updated regularly, as I receive more questions.

Why is magic protection so highly recommended for magic users? What is the point? And what can they realistically do for you?

  • It can help protect you if a spell you cast backfires for any reason.
  • It can help protect you from other magic-users’ curses.
  • It can help protect you from spirits, which notice people who use magic much more than non-magic people.
  • It can help protect you from mundane issues, such as dissuade car crashes, creeps, etc.

Note that I say HELP protect because while protection magic can decrease the likeliness of unwanted scenarios, it is almost never a 100% guarantee for safety.

When do I need to protect?

It is HIGHLY recommended to have protections at all times, no matter what sort of magical work you are doing. Protection magic rarely if ever backfires, and can protect you from your own spells backfiring and other things.

  • For spirit work, you ALWAYS need to have protections up. Because of course, bad spirits, yadda yadda.
  • For energy work (especially healing), you ALWAYS need to have protections up. Because maybe a person’s energy is toxic/incompatible to you for whatever reason. Also someone you’re healing may be carrying a parasite, which can just jump from the person you are healing to you, if you do not have protections.
  • For any sort of magical work, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. As again, it protects from others’ curses, and can protect you from your own spells backfiring.

What exactly am I protecting? (house/self/other) What can I protect/protect against?

You could attempt to protect everything and anything, against anything and everything. However, casting a protection spell for everyone is just not realistic.

Some common things to protect are (NOT LIMITED TO THIS LIST):

  • Yourself (Against magical harm, against physical danger,against illness)
  • Your home (Against robbery, against fires/other damage)
  • Your pets (against physical/magical harm)
  • Your car (against car crashes, against your own clumsiness)

What is a ward? What is shielding?

I define a ward as a protective wall of energy. It can be over your house, over a room, anything, including yourself. Though some people call wards on their person “shielding”.

How do I set up magic protections? (Including wards).

How to make a ward through visualization: Imagine a protective wall of energy made out of whatever elements you want. So fire, water, void, whatever.

How to make a ward/other magical protections with materials:

1. Light the incense/candle, lay the satchet of herbs out, whatever

2. Say something/hold a thought in your mind that hints at protective intent. Example: As I light this candle, it forms a protective ring around me/my space.

3. You are protected.

More detail: What are wards and how do you make them?  by @spiritvexer 

How to make protections with sigils:

1. Draw something that symbolizes protection to you.

2. Charge it. 

3. You are protected. 

What resources do YOU have on magical protections/staying safe magically? 

Others’ resources on magical protections?

NOT my resources, all resources have been credited .

Harry Potter Inspired Ward Incantations by @diasdreams

What are wards and how do you make them? by @spiritvexer

What are the best ways to protect yourself when trying to communicate with spirits?  @spiritvexer

If you want your ORIGINAL protection post featured in this FAQ, just send it to me and I can add it in!

So I’ve come across something that got through my best wards…

Banish it.

Is relying on banishment ok if I don’t want to protect?

I mean, I guess. You’re probably going to do a LOT of banishing though, since anything can waltz right in. Might be a good way to practice for the more daring, but not recommended.

I cannot find a protection spell that works for my situation.

Write your own, and/or keep looking.

I have heard protection can keep out good spirits, is that true?

It can be true, if your protections are not selective enough. Selectivity is the ability of a protection to differentiate between good and bad; so you must create a ward with decent selectivity. To do this, I recommend having a list of EVERYTHING that you specifically allow through your wards, and everything you can think of that you do not want coming through your wards. Then, create your wards with that list in mind.

This will not be an issue for wards/other protections with good selectivity.

I don’t want to protect because I…

Don’t even ask that.

When do I know it’s time to upgrade my protections?

If, DESPITE your protections:

  • entities are breaking in often
  • You are hit by curses/other mal-intent
  • When healing others, you keep picking up their negative energy/parasites
  • You feel like it.
  • You want to.

Note that the reasons to upgrade your protections are not limited to this list.

How do I protect an apartment when I have no access to land to bury a witch jar?

Keep the jar in your house. You do not need to bury a jar to protect your living space.

ALSO, burying a jar is LITTERING. Bury it in something biodegradable instead, like a coconut, big leaf for example. Make sure what is in the coconut/leaf/etc is biodegradable as well. 

This will be updated every once in a while maybe. Again, please check this FAQ before you ask me any questions concerning this, please ^-^ I won’t respond if the question is already answered here. 

Marvel Masterlist



Bucky Barnes:

Natasha Romanoff:

Peter Parker:

Pietro Maximoff:


Sam Wilson:

Wanda Maximoff:

Tony Stark:

Clint Barton:

Scott Lang:

Steve Rogers:

Bruce Banner:



Peter Maximoff:


Alex Summers:

Jean Grey:

Charles Xavier:

Kurt Wagner:

Raven Darkholme:

Hank McCoy:

Ororo Munroe:

Erik Lehnsherr:


Matt Murdock:

Robbie Reyes: “You are adorable.” & “Kiss me.” 

@lordmo / @imnotcryingillfightyou Puroresu Buddies x Shin Megami Tensei II

How this might have gone if it weren’t the Full Moon:

“You got any liquor, boy?”
 > Yes     No

Fortunately, Mutoh had some liquor on him.
“That hits the spot. What is it you want, sonny?”
It seems Atsushi Onita will hear you out.
 > Become my Minion    Give Me An Item

“Hmmm. I’ll join you for 1x Landmine.”
Mutoh didn’t have any Landmine!
“I can’t work under these conditions!”
Atsushi Onita suddenly attacked!

transphobic moments in film

A friend of mine is writing an article on transphobia in films. I know it’s been well covered before, but it doesn’t hurt to have more.

The ones I have so far are below (I know some are debatable, but I want to err on the side of inclusion and then sift through.)

40 Year Old Virgin
Ace Ventura
Crocodile Dundee
Crying Game
Dude Where’s My Car
Hangover II
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Naked Gun 3
Silence of the Lambs

Any additions?