iihf hockey women's world championship

The best thing about WNT boycotting

They aren’t just doing it for them.

Like, yes, they will be super stoked to finally get paid to do what they love, and that’s awesome. But they aren’t only asking for compensation for themselves.

They’re asking for youth and development team funding, they’re asking for advertising, they’re asking to grow the game.

They posted about it on social media so they can get attention, and what a lot of people in America love right now is women protesting for equality. But also, all this attention to Women’s Hockey, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey. Campaigning for youth and development teams, campaigning for advertisement, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey.

Listen, I don’t know what the real endgame is here besides getting pay for WNT, but I’m here for it.

USA Hockey is do or die

“It’s hard to believe that, in 2017, we still have to fight so hard for basic equitable support,“ said assistant captain Monique Lamoureux-Morando. "But when I think about the women who paved the way for our team – and when I see girls at rinks around the country who are dedicated to pursuing big dreams and look to us to lead by example – it’s well overdue for us to speak up about unfair treatment, even if it means sacrificing an opportunity to represent our country. We owe the next generation more than that. We owe it to ourselves to stand up for what is right.” - U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Will Not Play in World Championships, ESPNW

hi so yeah! the USA v CAN preliminary game of the IIHF women’s worlds is tonight at 7:30 EST! it will be playing on NHLN and streaming live on nhl.com! please watch (legally, if you can, so that the views count. if you can’t, tweet or post about it using #WWC2017) and help support women’s hockey!!

if you’re american, show support for our women. we can’t just stop supporting them now that a deal has been reached. show USA Hockey that the USWNHT is still getting support.


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If you don’t want to read all of Hockey USA’s statement, these are the three most explosive parts which really show that USA Hockey is not sympathetic to the players situation: 

“USA Hockey trains and selects teams for international competition. USA Hockey’s role is not to employ athletes and we will not do so.”

“The support USA Hockey is implementing […] could result in each player receiving $85,000 in cash over the Olympic training and performance period.” (which is a very misleading statement that’s addressed in Monique Lamoureux’s response to the statement)

“USA Hockey…will field a competitive team for the upcoming 2017 IIHF Women’s World Championship.”

From the sound of it USA Hockey has started asking high school girls to play for them in the IIHF Women’s World Championship. HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY PLAYERS!  USA Hockey would rather ask high school girls to play for them next week than pay their actual Women’s National Team. 

And from the sound of it…the high school girls they’ve asked have also turned them down.  USA Hockey just keeps making a bigger fool of themselves with each passing day. And rightfully so. 

uswnt hockey

wow that was a super awkward interview of usa hockey’s president and exec director during the 1st intermission 

they come off incredibly bitter about having to “compromise”. also can’t believe the exec director said one of the reasons they didn’t want to give the uswnt more resources was b/c it would decrease parity among women’s hockey teams around the world, saying europe doesn’t put as much $ into their women’s teams therefore it would be unfair to give the uswnt more $ and make them too good

wtf kind of logic is that? rather than wanting to be an example to the world and encourage other countries to invest in women’s teams, usa hockey would rather send the message that they don’t value the uswnt. they can’t have it both ways. they can’t say that uswnt hockey is one of the most watched events in the olympics and that they filled tonight’s arena with a packed house and then turn around and say the team isn’t profitable or popular enough to invest in