iida riho


Thank you μ’s for everything. I know this sound silly but you all are my motivation for ever single challenges i face in my life. I am so glad that i came over with love live and love you all.

This is not the end, μ’s shall not, and i believe will not be forgotten by all the ller.

All the best for your future career, and i will keep supporting you all.

μ'sic forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~


Dengeki G’s Magazine Arigatou Project

Message from Nitta Emi
Ever since the day we met, Honoka has supported me more than anyone else.

Both our similarities and our differences, her charm points and, of course, her failings too, all of them are dear to me.
Like a childhood friend, a family member, or even another me… There was a mysterious distance between us.
While being closer than anyone else, it was your brilliance I aspired towards and continued chasing.

My love for you goes without speaking, those words can’t even begin to describe my feelings.
But even if I don’t express them in any special way, my feelings will still definitely reach you, right?

Even though our involvement with each other might change a little, the two of us will be together even from here onwards.

Until the day we meet again, please remain as everyone’s shining sun.

I’ll always, always be counting on you! Honoka♪

Message from Uchida Aya
Minami Kotori-sama

There’s a lot I want to tell you, Kotori… But at the same time there might actually not be a lot.

After all, we’ve always tried so many different things together, and we made it all the way here together!

I’ve always thought about Kotori and her feelings, and put those emotions into acting her out. My feelings definitely reached her, right…♪

Even if you tell me “it’s time to set off” it doesn’t really ring a bell, but please flutter your wings softly the way you always do. I’ll always be watching over you…♡♡

Message from Mimori Suzuko
Umi-chan, we’ve overcome so many different things together during these six years.

When we first started, Umi-chan was a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko. That was such a distant existence, I felt a lot of confusion. What should I do to be on better terms with her? What should I do to draw out her cuteness? Questions like those confused me.

But thanks to all the fans cheering us on, my time together with Umi-chan gradually increased… I got to see many of her different natural expressions♪

I’m grateful to everyone♪

Lastly, being able to meet Umi-chan was the pride of my life as a voice-actress. I am truly thankful. But we’ll be together from here onwards, too! ♪

Message from Iida Riho
I think it’s really great that I got to meet Rin-chan.

It’s all thanks to Rin-chan that I got to see all sorts of scenes.

I always wanted Rin-chan to be the cutest, and I also wanted everyone to think that she was the cutest. Lol

Did I manage to become part of her strength? (*^^*)

Although it’s something I can only say looking back, at the start I didn’t know about this way of adding “Nya” to my sentences, but now it’s at the point where it would feel like something was missing without it. Lol☆

I love all of Rin-chan, you know?! We’ll be together forever from here onwards, too☆

Message from Pile

Up to this point and from here onwards, too, I’ve walked through all sorts of places while holding your hand.

No matter when, you brought me along to many wonderful places, and you showed me many wonderful sights. That’s what I’ve always thought, and always will.

I’ll be counting on you from here onwards, too.

Message from Kubo Yurika
Difficult times and fun times, and in the very end the one bringing me this blessed, happy feeling is… Koizumi Hanayo.

Me meeting you, was because there was a part of me that needed you.

What I want to tell you, no matter what, is

“Thank you”

Just those two words.

Message from Nanjo Yoshino
Although it’s something that can’t be seen on the surface, I think the part of me that’s always acting as Ayase Eli will never disappear even from here onwards, she’ll always be held close to my heart even as the years pass by.

It would be great if someday, Eli’s voice could reach everyone again in a form that the fans could see.

But even if such a day doesn’t come, I want to continue cherishing my relationship with her.

Because she’s an existence that has taught me so much!

Message from Kusuda Aina
To Nozomi

I’ve made it up to this point walking alongside Nozomi, that’s something I can feel keenly.

Feeling lost or troubled, laughing, and crying, there really were a lot of things that happened.
All of those are precious, precious treasures to me.
I can’t even imagine what I would be doing now if I hadn’t met her.
Crossing paths with her, and walking together for these six years, made me feel really happy and blessed.
I want to convey all my feelings of gratitude to you, and the fact that you will always be a special existence to me from here on, too.
Thank you, Nozomi.

Message from Tokui Sora
To Nico-chan♡

My much, much, much beloved Nico-chan!
The wonder of singing as the nine of us, the wonder of creating a performance with your friends, I learned many different things from Nico-chan.

The times all nine of us take the stage really feel like a dream.

Even though it’s the Final Live, I’ll always, always be with Nico-chan even from here on, the nine members of μ’s will aaaaaaaaaaalways be great friends, too!
Feeling sad is no good!

I won’t forget your smile from here on! Because it’s leading everyone else on! Nico-nico-nii♡

Let’s always, always be good friends, even after the Final Live♡

My precious treasure, Nico-chan♡

From Tokui Sora

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine May 2016