Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Porn Star


I sighed, snapping the book closed seeing as it wasn’t keeping me entertained.

Sometimes it was a bore being cooped up in the main house. That was just part of being one of Negan’s wives.

Standing, I went to the bookshelf to find a diffrent novel.

“What the shit Y/N!?” Negan’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open.

I jumped, spinning around with a hand over my heart, “Jesus, Negan!”

He stalked into the room, flinging the door shut, “You wanna tell me what the fuck this shit is!?”

“What fucking shit is what!?” I snapped back.

“This!” Negan held up a dvd.

Squinting, my eyes widened when I saw the nude photo of myself wearing just a swashbucklers hat on the cover.

Plundered Treasure staring Ruby Galore!

I folded my arms over my chest, “And?”

“An- and!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Fat Joey was jerkin’ his shit to this, Y/N!” Negan sputtered.

“Do you want me to say that I feel ashamed!?”

“Wha- no goddamnit!” Negan threw the dvd onto the couch and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Then what is it!?” I flailed my arms into the air, letting them smack against my thighs.

“They’ve seen what’s mine damnit; that’s what!” He yelled.

I sighed, going up to Negan and framing his stubbled cheeks in my hands, “You took what is hopefully the last existing dvd away, so don’t sweat it, baby.”

Negan pouted, “He fuckin’ looks at you and I’ll kill him,”

I smiled, “I know you will Negan,”

Moving away from him, I grabbed the dvd and went to throw it in the fire place.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang on a goddamn minute!” He said, taking it from me to read the case.

I laughed, knowing that he was curious.

“So, uh… any girl on girl?”

His bulge was becoming more prominent as he waited for my answer.

“Yes,” I smiled.


I put an arm on his shoulder, letting my other hand slide down his chest to the front of his trousers where I cupped him.

“Do you wanna watch it?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Holy hell…. you don’t care?” He panted.

I kissed his neck, “Nope. Told you I’m not ashamed.”

I’d never seen Negan move so fast before. He popped the dvd in the player, then sprawled out on the couch.

I sat next to him, letting him play with my hair as he watched.

When the scene started of me kissing another female, Negan grunted, shifting his hips.

Deciding to help relax him, I leaned over and undid his britches. His breathing became heavy as his eyes moved back and forth from the screen, then to me.

I pulled his swollen member from his pants, pumping it a few times as I got to my knees next to him on the couch.

He groaned as I swirled my tounge around the seeping head of his shaft, “Goddamn, baby,”

I hummed as I slowly took him deeper into my wet mouth.

The mewling moans of myself and the chick I was eating out on the dvd were getting louder.

Negan slid a hand under me, slipping it into my panties and immediately dipping his long, skilled fingers into me as I sucked him off.

I had to admit that this was hot as hell and could already feel myself near the edge.

He lifted his hips just a tad, the head of him just barely tapping the back of throat.

“Ohhh shit,” he groaned.

Using his middle finger, he spread the juices from my entrance to my clit, where he gently circled it.

Just as quick, he pumped two fingers into me.

I lifted my head from him, using my hand to pump him as Iicked the head of him lick a lollipop.

I rolled my hips on his fingers, nearly coming when he pressed the heel of his hand against my sensitive clit.

Licking my lips, I took him back into my mouth, swallowing him, then slowly raising my head.

“Fuck, baby. Keep suckin’,” Negan moaned, slouching more.

Grabbing the base of him, I slowly pulled my mouth up to just the tip, where I gave a firm suck.

“Uhhh!” He was so close.

Standing, I pulled off my panties and got down on all fours facing the tv.

Negan’s pants hit the floor, the belts clinking.

I felt him kneel behind me, where he pumped his shaft a few times, then sank deep into me.

Negan pulled my torso up, putting an arm around my chest to keep me upright.

The dvd showed a male costar screwing me from behind as I made out and fingered my female costar.

Negan’s mouth was at my ear, panting as he moved in and out of me, “Who fucks you better, baby?”

I held his head to me, as we both watched the tv.

“Mmmm, you do Negan,” I moaned.

Negan’s hand found my mound, rubbing my clit in tight circles.

His breathing became heavier and hotter against my neck while he focused on snapping his hips against me.

“Come, baby,”

I cried out, falling to my hands. Negan gripped my hips, pounding into me until he thrusted deeply one last time, coming deep inside of me.

“Jesus… fuck…!” He panted, resting his head on my back.

My arms shook as I tried to hold myself up.

Negan pulled out, falling to the floor where he pulled me down next to him.

“We’re keeping the dvd,” he gasped.

I giggled, kissing his chest.


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anonymous asked:

Will has jam on his cheek Nico points it out and licks it off Wills face knowing it'll make him blush (it totally does)and just walks away his face as emotionless as ever (Today's episode of Nico does weird things)

Omg yes, and Will goes completely red spluttering about how unhygienic it is, and that he could’ve wiped it off him self, and Nico’s just like ‘who are you kidding Solace, you love it when I Iick you.’ 

And that’s the story of how Will and Nico introduce food into the bedroom.