cookieblitz  asked:

I doubt you haven't gotten this yet, but I totally think you should apply to Hussie to make your recent davesprite piece a print!!! It would most definitely sell, and it'd be great to see a great artist like yourself get the recognition you deserve!!!! Thanks for sharing your art with us and I hope you have a great day!!!!!

Oh gosh, that’s really sweet of you! I’m not sure that’s really a style they’d go for though. I’d be willing to try just the same, because heck, I’d love to get one of my pictures in the What Pumpkin store, or contribute to Homestuck in more than just a pure tumblr fandom way! Unfortunately, the What Pumpkin website says that they’re not currently accepting submissions, and I check it every month or so. If submissions were open I’d be pouring everything I’ve got into making a picture worthy it, because dang, what HS fanartist doesn’t want to be involved? Thanks for the thought though!

onewayworld  asked:

Why on earth would you lose followers because of that rap? I think the whole scenario was pure gold~

Eek, thank you! Well, weirdly I haven’t lost any this time! Yet. But typically when I make a text post or a sketch instead of a fully finished/coloured picture, I find a bunch of followers start to abandon ship and jettison. Perhaps rap is the exception? Do rhymes alter reception by changing folks perception from hate into affection? Who knows, but thank you for your question!