BrO HO Ho!! Marry Xbox!!!1!  I was looking through the Bro Strider tag yesterday seeing all the santa-hat!Bros, thinking  to my self “Yes, nice, all good, buuut… shouldn’t he just be in a santa’d up baseball cap?” Then today I saw feistymuffin’s request in the tag and… yeah, I’ll take that excuse. There ya go, have a quickie.

(If tumblr’s showing it small as hell, click here) (Or here if that link’s still down)

What do you do when it’s 4am and you still can’t sleep? Answer: Get up and doodle silly homestuck junk. This is a sort of silly continuation to my last upload. One of the reblog-comments I got on my dirkjake sushi animation mentioned displeasure at the waste of good sushi. I assure you, the sushi was not wasted, it went to a good home.

But now I’m trying to decide if I should attempt to draw ‘asks’. I’m sleepy and headachy and I don’t want to screw up your requests ._. But I want to draw! I’m so enthused right now thanks to all the notes you guys left for my animation! Thank you so much! And the comments you left are so awesome T^T A real confidence booster! I can’t believe some of you guys could even lip-read my attempted lip-sync! Overjoyed!

Tumblr is my Rufio. TUMBLR IS MY RUFIO!

TT^TT *tears of happiness*



Dear Anon. Dear, sweet anon. Thank you. I love Davesprite and was looking for an excuse to draw him. Your ‘with John’ bonus will happen one day, but not today. I want to devote some time to that particular request, but first I’m going need to try to fill some of my existing ask-requests and free up some inbox space. 

If you’re thinking the poses are a bit bland and weird, it’s because it was supposed to be a modelling ref sheet, and the positioning of the arms like that would be necessary if I ever went through with making the model. The idea’s probably gone down the swanny though, on account of my not knowing how I’d go about making wings with z-spheres in Z-brush. Still, I wouldn’t rule it out entirely.

On the subject of wings, wings are a pain to draw. This is not the first time I’ve observed this. Every time I draw wings, I vow never to draw them again. But I’ll make an exception for Davesprite. There will be no vow this time.

Aside from this pic, I drew about 10 Davesprites yesterday with Goggle on various pages. Goggle is my new addiction.