“A French man and woman fight with captured German weapons as both civilians and members of the French Forces of the Interior took the fight to the Germans, in Paris in August of 1944, prior to the surrender of German forces and the Liberation of Paris on August 25.”


Wojtek  [soldier bear] (1942–1963) usually spelled Voytek in English, was a Syrian brown bear cub found in Iran and adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps. During the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped move ammunition. The name “Wojtek” or “Wojciech” is an old Slavic name that is still very common in Poland today. It derives from two words: “woj” (the stem of “wojownik”, warrior, and “wojna”, war); and “ciech”, enjoyment.

The bear became quite an attraction for soldiers and civilians alike, and soon became an unofficial mascot of all units stationed nearby. With the company he moved to Iraq and then through Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

As one of the officially enlisted “soldiers” of the company, he lived with the other men in their tents or in a special wooden crate, which was transported by truck. According to numerous accounts, during the Battle of Monte Cassino, Wojtek helped his friends by transporting ammunition – never dropping a single crate.



Too much time spent in fandom when...

-Fourth of July trip to the beach turns into inspiration for preserum Steve beach fic. With symbolism of all kinds. And I then fall into a rabbit hole of researching everthing from old newspaper articles to just… everything on the internet everywhere about the WW II draft. 

-Also, July 4 1941 FDR’s speech was broadcast to Coney Island while people were celebrating. Huh. What must that have been like.

-Is this an idea that’s been floating around?  Steve’s birthday is not actually the 4th of July, but his mother found out about his father’s death right before he was born, had him prematurely on like, July 25th, and didn’t register his birth until then. The patriotism part may be the homage to his father and also because, quite honestly, she doesn’t want his birthday to be the day she found out her husband died. I’m not sure about this. 

-Steve and Bucky apparently found out about Pearl Harbor “in art class.” I choose to interpret “in art class” as “while at home having sex.” Just me?  I just don’t headcanon Bucky also in art school, idk.  Maybe one class? Anyway, I’m writing this as a fic at some point.

-I also did a ton of research into the World’s Fair. Dude, there was a contest to be the Super-Boy and Super-Girl of the World’s Fair hosted by an actor playing Superman (but really judged by Charles Atlas). This is getting a mention in the fic.

-Steve probably came to the World’s Fair mostly for the Old Masters’ painting exhibit which stayed there for 5 years, keeping them safe from the European war.

-Gay baths at Coney Island were a definite thing in the ‘30s. Stauch’s had, like, rooftop drag queens? I love this.

-Thought: if Bucky were drafted in October 1940 (first round) he could still have reenlisted after his initial 12 months were up, right?  Someone enlighten me on this point. hansbekhart you may know… that way he’d be drafted AND also, as the Smithsonian exhibit apparent says, have “enlisted after Pearl Harbor.”  That way he could–what, have fought Rommel in North Africa first, in 1940/41?

Also, Steve would have had to have registered (tried to register) for the draft in 1940. Thus beginning the saga of being told about his inability.

Encyclopedia Britannica with a couple of men recalling their encounters with the draft board. Note that the second guy? Lied about his vision impairment by memorizing the eye chart.  That sort of thing happened a lot. Guys were patriotic… sure, yes! But they also wanted to be with all their friends. 

US military admits it carried out secret race-based experiments to test impact of mustard gas on US soldiers
The US Department of Defence has for the first time admitted that it carried out race-based tests on American troops as part of its research about mustard gas.

Up to 60,000 men were enlisted for a programme, declassified in 1993, to test mustard gas and other chemicals agents on US troops.

But National Public Radio reported that the Pentagon has for the first time admitted that it grouped its test subjects by race as it believed African American and Puerto Rican US troops might respond to the poisonous gas different to white soldiers

“The US Department of Defence and Veterans Affairs Chemical Biological Warfare Exposure System is a database that includes 6,730 veterans possibly exposed to Mustard Agent or Lewisite.

"The Mustard/Lewisite data includes the vast majority of WW-II veterans.  DoD identified 6,400 veterans exposed as part of the Project 112 and/or its Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defence).”

The once secret race experiments reportedly first uncovered by a Canadian researcher, Susan Smith, who published an article in The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics.

Un día como hoy, hace exactamente 68 años, fuerzas de la aviación brítánica y estadounidense perpetraron uno de los más atroces crímenes de guerra de nuestra reciente historia (sólo quizás superado, por las bombas nucleares sobre Hiroshima y Nagasaki en este mismo contexto): el bombardeo de la ciudad alemana de Dresde.

Se trata como decimos, de un acto sádico e inexcusable sin posible justificación militar ni estratégica, al tratarse de un área desmilitarizada y cuyo objetivo no fue otro que castigar a la población civil, por una serie de crímenes que de ser ciertos, ellos no cometieron.

Los costes humanos fueron enormes, se estiman que rondando los 40.000 muertos (todos civiles), amén de unos irreemplazables daños sobre la cultura europea, pues arrasó entero el centro monumental de la ciudad, dotado de un increíble legado artístico, desde el medievo al modernismo.

En estos días que solo oímos hablar del holocausto cuando se nombra a la Segunda Guerra Mundial, nosotros nos preguntamos qué es de esta matanza y de otras similares como las antes citadas, que sufrieron nuestros hermanos nipones. ¿Es que estos inocentes muertos no cuentan?. Puesto que aquí sabemos que la historia la escribe el vencedor, conocemos la respuesta: NO, no cuentan, al fin y al cabo eran “nazis” y se lo merecían…

Por nuestra parte, creemos que ningún ser humano se merece algo así (aunque se enarbole como hacen estos hipócritas, la mancillada bandera del bien supremo), queremos recordar que los vencedores tienen las manos sucias, muy sucias, y que no habrá justicia hasta que estos crímenes sean públicamente reconocidos, compensados y hasta que los culpables directos de ello, si siguen vivos lo paguen como se merecen.

En este 68 aniversario de la matanza de Dresde, Zentropa Iberia con los difuntos y sus familiares.


Suite française aka mon "problème" avec les allemands.

J'aime les allemands. J'aime l'Allemand, ( même si je le parle mal), j'aime leurs cultures, leurs savoir vivre. Mon dieu, j'adore. (Apparemment, feu Grand-mère m'a transmit cette caractéristique).
Si je ne fini pas mariée a un allemand, ou avec un quelqu'un d'origine allemande, ça ne sera pas normal.
I can’t help it. Sorry guys

“A Canadian member of the joint American-Canadian landing force squints down the sights of a Japanese machine gun found in a trench on Kiska Island, Alaska, on August 16, 1943. After the brutal fighting in the battle to retake Attu Island, U.S. and Canadian forces were prepared for even more of a fight on Kiska. Unknown to the Allies though, the Japanese had evacuated all their troops two weeks earlier. Although the invasion was unopposed, 32 soldiers were killed in friendly-fire incidents, four more by booby traps, and a further 191 were listed as Missing in Action.”