not only do i draw them with physical facial differences, but i draw their clothes differently too, despite the fact that they’re probably supposed to be the same suit in different colors (and im calling BULLSHIT)

so here’s a really quick doodle before i go to work

most obvious points of difference:

  • bowie kira’s pants are regular/slim cut, kosaku kira’s are baggier and high waisted
  • ties are different (this one’s canon)
  • the cuts of the jacket are different (bowie kira’s hits slightly below the hips, kosaku kira’s hits right above the knee)
  • shoulder pads on kosaku kira to make him look Threatening
  • plain dress shoes on bowie kira vs saddle shoes on kosaku kira (this one’s also canon)

Chassis Geschützwagen Tiger. In the background is “King tiger” tower type “Porsche”.

Geschützwagen Tiger view from the stern.

American soldiers around the muzzle brake and gun 170-mm guns.

So had to look the Geschützwagen Tiger.

A German engineer is testing the gun in a wooden cabin.

21 cm Morser.


On 26 March 2017, the Jordanian Royal Court’s Twitter (@rhcjo) welcomes King Abdullah II for creating his official Twitter account@KingAbdullahII. The Jordanian king used to tweet occasionally under @rhcjo signing #ABH. Now the king has a more personalised Twitter account and already sent his tweet in both Arabic and English.