ii lucifuge


Thanks for the tag @brotherlode! I haven’t done a tag thingy in a while (because I’m a lazy piece of shit lol)

Rules: 9 albums you love

1. W.A.S.P., Kill.Fuck.Die (1997)

–fav. song: “Kill Your Pretty Face” (Stet fucking killed it on the drums, yo)

2. Cinderella, Night Songs (1986)

–fav. song: “Once Around The Ride”

3. Lynch Mob, The Brotherhood (2017)

–fav. song: “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl”

4. Skid Row, Slave To The Grind (1991)

–fav. song: “Wasted Time”

5. Danzig II: Lucifuge (1990)

–fav. song: “Devil’s Plaything”

6. Type O Negative, October Rust (1996)

–fav. song: “Love You To Death”

7. Blue Murder, Self-Titled (1989)

–fav. song: “Valley Of The Kings”

8. Dokken, Under Lock And Key (1985)

–fav. song: “In My Dreams”

9. Deee-Lite, World Clique (1990)

–fav. song: “Try Me On… I’m Very You”

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