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All aboard the make you cry train, next stop: ANGST. My all time fav deathscene: chatnoir is manipulated by an akuma. Adrien is forced to watch from inside as Chat calls for Cataclysm. When it connects to LB, Adrien has just enough willpower to alter it's effects. It doesn't kill Ladybug... physically. Ladybug is mentally destroyed. Unable to move, her identity is exposed to the world. And everyone blames Chat. They blame him for their loss. Even her Parents blame him for it.


the Goddess Hathor suckling Harsomtou the Child (Ḥr-sm3-t3wy, ‘Horus the Unifier of the Two Lands’); to the left, Ihy the Great in His aspect of youthful God (with the sidelock of youth and a finger on His lips) wearing the Double Crown and holding the ‘Ankh’ in His right.
“House of Birth" (the Mammisi) of the Sanctuary of the Goddess Hathor at Nitentóre (Dendera),
detail from the second intercolumnar wall (south outer face)

Temple of the Goddess Isis at Philae (now on the Agilkia island),
thickness of the doorway leading to the “House of Birth” (First Pylon, west tower), west side, detail from the lower register (drawing from Lepsius, “Denkmäler aus Ägypten und Äthiopien”, IV-26):

the Goddess Meret of Lower Egypt (wearing papyrus flowers on Her head) playing the harp before the Goddess Isis; on the arched frame of the harp, a carved female head wearing the Red Crown.
In the middle, two images of the Child God Ihy both playing the sistra and standing on a grand lotus flower; below, the papyrus flowers of Lower Egypt and two sacred cows; to the right, in front of Isis, a table with various offerings

how to write seventeen smut on the 97 to 99 liners

hey hey hey remove them typing fingers and use them to flip to the next page of the bible like hell no what u doing girl what u doing I ain’t reading about a 5 year old doing this shit to me
if u are gonna type about it you might need to lock yo doors and hide yo kids because by the time I track your ass down I be running thru your house with my woes