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Sangwoo: “Bum I saw an article on my phone yesterday saying if you lie around all day it can really affect your health negatively, so today I went out and bought this elliptical for you to work out on! Aren’t I cool?!”


Bum: “But Sangwoo, I can’t, my legs.” Did he seriously…?


Sangwoo: “Oooooh that’s right, you can just do your exercise down in the baseme-”


Why Po-Koro makes sense

I’ve seen a few posts recently that the existence of Po-Koro doesn’t make any sense, that a desert on a tropical island seems extremely out of place. I thought to do some brief research on deserts for a story, and here is what I found as to why it does make sense.

Orographic lift is air moving from a lower elevation (Le Koro) to a higher elevation. The higher it goes, the more relative humidity rises, and it creates precipitation. In the case of the moisture reaching higher and thus colder elevations, the precipitation would be snow.The lower warm air humidity jungle atmosphere of Le-Koro (haven’t really delved into the research of swamp/jungle air yet) perfectly sets that up, giving the humidity needed for precipitation to fall on Ko-Wahi/Mt. Ihu.

Foehn/Fohn Winds are downslope winds that occur on the leeward (downward) side of a mountain range. These winds force most of the moisture on the closer side of a mountain range, and then the dryer air is blown to the far side of the mountain. As the winds travel over Mt. Ihu and leeward, they generally raise the temperatures of the environment by as much as 14 degrees C/25 Degrees F. Winds blowing northward from Le-Wahi towards Ko-Wahi could possibly be considered Foehn winds because all of the moisture that is deposited there; and if the air warms after passing the main parts of the mountain range, with little moisture left in them, they could be blowing dry air towards what is classified as Po-Wahi/Koro. Also, in the case of the eastern part of the island, consider this– the moisture in the air passes over a voicano, the Mangai, so it wouldn’t necessarily snow or rain much there. All of the moisture would just evaporate back into the atmosphere. 

Ga-Wahi is the solution to that– the moisture, once entering a cooler environment, would fall in the water region. Whether that be directly over Naho bay, or towards the center of the island where it goes to spill towards that waterfall of Gali’s mask. 

So with little moisture left in the air, what would it do? Create an air environment where there is little to no rainfall, which is what a desert is classified as. Further classifications could have Po-Wahi as a rain shadow area, which is classified as a leeward, dryer side of a mountain resulting from all of the moisture being condensed on the wayward (closer) side of the mountain. If Po-Koro/Wahi were on the far side of where the winds generate on Mata Nui, i.e. the region of air, it would make sense that this phenomenon could occur.

Quick Disclaimer time: I believe Wikipedia to be an accurate source of information because a lot of the stuff written on there is cited at the bottom. I will look further into it if people reading this are skeptical of Wiki’s accuracy. If all of this is accurate, it shows how much research really went into the construction of the original environment of Bionicle. The story team really went into the logistics of how the island worked, and even though Greg repeated said that Bionicle doesn’t have to follow earth physics, this is a great example of where it did.

Now this explanation of the sources of Po-Wahi’s desert landscape relies on winds being blown northward, and I can’t really think of any reasons why winds wouldn’t blow. If there are people in the fandom who are better weather experts than I, please add to this discussion.

Matchmaker - USUK FF

Happy birthday @theconvictcolony! You’re the biggest loser in the world. <3

Summary - Based on this prompt
AU - Omegaverse, University

“I know I know, you’re in love with this omega, I get it dude. But, even as a friend, you do know it isn’t cool to keep asking them when they’ve rejected you- how many times has it been?”

“I know,” Francis sighed, still looking at Alfred with wide, hopeful eyes. “I just need this one last thing pleeeease,” he begged, grabbing Alfred’s hand.

Alfred rolled his eyes. “I don’t think even this will change the omega’s mind.”

“But it is so romantic, Alfred! I know he will be wooed by it.”

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It’s hinted that before the Toa’s arrival on Mata Nui, the Matoran imagined them as powerful godlike beings, capable of great deeds of heroism, but also great power and fury.

I like to think some of the Turaga might have taken advantage of the Matoran not knowing what a Toa was for their own personal amusement.

Onewa, however, realised very early on that he was going to have at least one bad seed in his village, and that if he wanted a relatively well behaved and disciplined group of villagers, he should give them good reason not to do the wrong thing.

So he told them the legends of Pohatu, a mighty being whose spirit watched over them, and one day would appear in the form of a great warrior. He would care for his people, but could be angered very easily. Every rockslide on Mt Ihu, every cave-in in Onu-Koro- these things happened because someone had brought the wrath of Pohatu upon themselves.

Onewa is a skilled sculptor and carver. Once, he built a life-sized sculpture of a  terrified-looking Matoran. It was carved strategically with small, discreet holes in it so that when the wind blew, the statue would give off an eerie wailing sound. He left it far out in Po-Wahi in a suitably desolate and spooky spot, with a few Mahi skulls scattered around for good effect.

When a Matoran did something he considered extremely unacceptable, Onewa would bring him out to visit the statue, and tell him the story of a Matoran from the before-time who did some terrible deed (that was suspiciously similar to what the Matoran hearing the story had done), and how, in a furious rage, Pohatu punished the Matoran by turning him to stone for all eternity.

It was said that on some nights, the Matoran’s mournful cries could still be heard.

So Onewa enjoyed a relatively peaceful time as Turaga of Po-Koro, looking after a law-abiding and hard-working group of villagers. Ahkmou occasionally tried to cause trouble, but nobody else was ever tempted to turn against the Turaga and risk enraging the mighty Spirit of Stone. The prophesied arrival of Pohatu in his physical form was awaited with awe and reverence laced with mild terror.

So there was much confusion among the villagers when a big friendly cinnamon roll wandered into Po-Koro one day.


mees ütles ausalt et ei taha lugeda mu luulet
ja pigem vahiks mind tundide viisi
võtaks orgias hoopis üks grupipilet
kus romantikat teha nõnda omaviisi
aga kunst polegi siis väljamõeldis Piret!!!
naiste paljast ihu vaadata võiks terve päeva nii
issand ma juba südames tundsin muret
ehkki sinu eluloost on mul ükskõik niikuinii

ELF! SJ ♥ ELF 10th anniversary!! ^_^
ELF that I love!! I’ve been reading the letters that you’ve sent so far really well!! Like what ELF said, the king of letters at the training centre is me! Lee Donghae!! ^_^ Thanks so much. From what I see, it seems like my handwriting is becoming prettier ㅎㅎ The army life occasionally lonely and tiring but thanks to ELF’s letters, I’m overflowing with strength!! I’ve been receiving letters from all over the world so the fellow recruit dongsaengs that are living with me was really amazed and I’ve become the subject of envy!!
Come to think about it, it will be our 10th year since we were born next week on 6th November. It will be ELF’s 9th year and Suju is a year older!! Oppa has been treating ELF well right?? ㅎㅎ Even though sometimes I make you sad, you’ve been understanding me well with love right??? Whenever November 6th comes every year, we’ll create a time for ourselves and play together and be next to each other but.. I’m sorry this time!! But it’s a relief that the reliable hyungs that are working hard on their activities that are next to ELF now! It seems reassuring even if the family grows!!^^ Looking back at the past 10 years of time here, there seems to be so many of our memories (to the point) that it can’t even be counted!! So the deepness of our love seems to be even deeper than anyone elses’. Even if we are separated like this, we have lots of memories together so it seems like I can endure it while thinking about that. Everyday, we always think about “What can we give to ELF?”! No matter how we prepare the presents and love for ELF, it seems like it will never be able to win the love that ELF gives to us!! T.T So we always only feel thankful and sorry to you guys. We will work even harder!! ^^ And all I can give to ELF right now are letters so I’m a little sad and I’m really sorry. I want to quickly go on stage and sing for you guys. I want to show you guys the image of me on stage with the members but I can’t do that now so I’m sorry!! We’ll quickly come out with an album in 2017 and we should be doing lots of concerts and tours so ELF, take care of your faces well!! ㅎ Show us the prettier you! ㅎㅎ I’m also taking care of myself prettily and handsomely so I will show you the more handsome me!! ^_^ 2017 will come right away right?? Eunhyuk said to go and buy flower shoes so I will go and buy pretty ones so please anticipate!! You’ve been hearing lots of news about Eunhyukkie, Shindong-hyung and Sungmin-hyung right?? I’m so curious!! Please convey to them on behalf of me that I miss them!! Thank you ELF, sincerely, for being next to me for the 10 years!! ^_^ Please take care of me well in the future too^^ Bows!! ^_^ The weather should be getting colder so dress warmly! Be careful not to catch a cold! Don’t fall sick! ^_^
2005~2015 SJ ♥ ELF!!
I love you!!

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