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Year 5, you're ghost dies after you do a suicidal run at the darkness and you're left in orbit and you two talk about you're adventures while cracking jokes. Its voice dims and changes to Peter Dinklage for one last time, you end up calling it "little light" one last time and he responds "Don't call me that" and fades.

Matchmaker - USUK FF

Happy birthday @theconvictcolony! You’re the biggest loser in the world. <3

Summary - Based on this prompt
AU - Omegaverse, University

“I know I know, you’re in love with this omega, I get it dude. But, even as a friend, you do know it isn’t cool to keep asking them when they’ve rejected you- how many times has it been?”

“I know,” Francis sighed, still looking at Alfred with wide, hopeful eyes. “I just need this one last thing pleeeease,” he begged, grabbing Alfred’s hand.

Alfred rolled his eyes. “I don’t think even this will change the omega’s mind.”

“But it is so romantic, Alfred! I know he will be wooed by it.”

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omg can you pls do "daily life with their s/o" but with bangtan omg that would kill me but also make my day bc jungkook would be such a cute brat in the morning..... like if you tried to wake him up he would kind of mumble "noooooooooo plsssssssss just 5 more minutes" and you're like UGH fine and then he would hug your waist and say, "five more minutes..... with you" and you would die right then and there but so would he bc hello how can he say something so cheesy w/o becoming a blushing mess!!!


  • it takes like twenty minutes to get him up and then you find him half asleep in the bathroom with his toothbrush about to fall out of his mouth
  • you have to like pinch his arm to get him to wake up and he’s like “what wait huh” and you’re like “genius, it’s time to wake up” and he’d just scrunch up his nose like “who made it a rule that we needed to be awake before noon tbh”
  • neither of you has the energy in the morning to cook so microwavable breakfast it is 
  •  “when will we ever have a real breakfast” “when we have the money for ihop or something and you don’t have a schedule - btw you have like thirty minutes to get to bighit”
  • every morning consists of namjoon rushing to get himself ready and you like throwing socks at him because he always forget something - usually his socks
  • you walk him to the door and he’s like “am i forgetting something?” and you lean up to kiss him and you’re like “that” and he’s like oMF
  • you get like a call during lunch break and it’s namjoon and he wants to say something, but jin takes the phone and is like “namjoon said you two aren’t eating healthy breakfasts so here let me tell you how to make eggs-”
  • once the phone call is over you get a text that’s like ‘sorry jin hyung is like this’
  • you get home before he does and so you’re like “let’s make something to eat” and even if you like burn something a bit or overcook it like when namjoon gets home he just finds you there and wraps his arms around you and is like “at this point, your cooking tastes like heaven so just give it to me”
  • after dinner you let him have some space to work on music but then you like come over and cuddle into his arm and he finds it soothing and so you two lounge around like that until it’s time to sleep~


  • waking him up is like a whole new level of oh my god. you have to like jump on the bed and play bts’ entire discography before he as much as opens one eye
  • you get yoongi out of bed only because you’re like “yoongi. you gotta go to work. for the money yoongi. the MONEY”
  • and the music ofc, but money right now is pulling him out of bed and into the kitchen for some much needed coffee
  • he tries to drink like three cups and you have to stop him
  • to be honest yoongi would go out to work in his damn pajamas if you didn’t throw like some jeans @ him
  • you both leave together and yoongi’s like “should i buy coffee on the way there” and you’re like “caffeine isn’t good for you” and he’s like “waking up isn’t good for me”
  • you two live a sassy home life as you can see
  • he still gives you the softest kiss before you leave though
  • during the day you get like three texts, one of them is from namjoon being like ‘thanks for making sure yoongi isnt late to practice’, another is from yoongi that goes ‘do we have anything in our fridge?’ and a third is from taehyung who took a pic of your boyfriend knocked out in the bighit closet
  • you get home after him and yoongi’s like “i got this food from the boss” and so you eat the take out together and yoongi complains about his day a little before just being like “how about you”
  • you guys have already changed into pjays so you’re just about ready to sleep no matter what 
  • you and yoongi try to stay up to watch some drama but nope you’re out like two lights the first twenty minutes in
  • yoongi’s head like drops from your shoulder to your lap and you don’t even know how 


  • wakes up before you and like showers, cooks (more like just some eggs and toast), and dresses before you
  • like you wake up and he’s already put together so well and you’re like: how
  • he’s chuckling at your bedhead as you munch on the toast he made and you’re like “it’s too early jin”
  • you like sluggishly make way for your closet and jin’s like “you’re gonna be late” and you’re cranky so you roll your eyes and he like pulls you back like “did you roll your eyes at me?” and you’re like jIN pLEASe and he’s just chuckling like “go, go, get dressed!”
  • you put something on and like comb your hair and jin’s just like “you look nice” and you’re like “thanks” and he waits for you to say it back to him this is how things work in this house
  • it’s cute though you two walk to the train, or at least he walks you to your train and then like leans down to make sure you have everything and he’s like a mom but also your hot cute boyfriend and you’re just like how can someone be so angelic and sweet
  • and then he gives you this surprise goodbye kiss and you know you’re like thankful you woke up for two minutes because you get this
  • jin calls you once during lunchbreak and once before you leave work and he’s like ‘im nearby, let’s meet up!’
  • you guys have lunch somewhere small and unknown and jin asks for a table in the back so he doens’t have to be too sneaky and he feeds you with his chopsticks
  • on the way home you take a nap on his shoulder and jin smiles because you’re so cute he can’t take it
  • you come home, play some wild rounds of mario kart 
  • and then fall asleep with him spooning you from behind ^^ 


  • neither you or him wants to get out of bed first, but hoseok is the positive of every situation so SOMEHOW he gets the two of you out of bed
  • it might include him literally picking you up, we just don’t know 
  • while you’re eating he tries to pick out an outfit but he’s just actually asking you over and over again if this or that looks good
  • you’re sorta like “can i wear your shirt and like some sweats to work” and he’s like “!!!! we gotta look good!!!!! we are such good looking people are clothes should match!!!” 
  • hoseok is the god of lifting your self esteem honestly he just makes you want to work harder
  • once you two are nice and dressed (tbh im more than sure hoseok makes sure you two have at least one couple item on) you play a game to see who buys drinks on the way to work
  • hoseok loses on purpose like eVERYTIME and you’re like omg let me lose once and he’s like hmm what i lost fairly whatre you talking about!!
  • he already knows what you like to order so he just goes up and gets it
  • you two part ways but not before hoseok presses his forehead to yours and gives you this bright encouraging smile and goes “im going to do my best because of you today~ you do the same~”
  • during work hoseok gets absorbed in training so you only get texts when he’s on his way home and he’s like very apologetic but you understand like training is important to him!!
  • once you two are at home together he shows you some of the dances and you and him monitor live stages together,,, which is actually kinda fun
  • you make dinner together
  • you get ready to go to bed together
  • you like help brush each other teeth
  • this is the cutest dynamic 
  • you have couple pajamas. there i said it.

  • taehyung doesn’t wake up not until you’re dressed, the coffee you made is cold, and he’s already late for his bus
  • he like leaves the house in whatever he finds on the floor even when you’re like taehyung please but it’s actually whatever he still looks good in it and you’re like how
  • he kisses your nose like “because i look like this of course”
  • and you’re like how do you have the energy to be greasy when you couldn’t even haul your butt out of bed two seconds ago
  • he just shrugs and grins and ruffles your hair and you’re like ihu and he’s like u love me and youre like …… true
  • you guys have a competition to see who can chug the most milk from their glass in under a minute
  • you keep playing games as he walks you to your stop and tbh it’s never a boring morning with him
  • “since you lost three times in a row here, you have to pay for take out tonight” 
  • you roll your eyes but taehyung just leans in and is like “don’t be sour, now come here”
  • he pulls you in around the waist and nuzzles your neck and you’re like taehyung - we are in public chill but he has no chill he woke up like fifteen minutes ago
  • “if i could, i’d fall asleep right here with you again” “that’s nice, but we’re literally outside of a train station”
  • while he’s at practice you get lots of photos of stuff he sees, he’s also like “should i post this on twitter- or this- or this”
  • he sends you the link to their bangtan bombs honestly
  • you get home first with the takeout and you think of pranking him by making it super spicy
  • when he eats it he’s like wa-YOU DIDNT
  • and you’re like that’s hwat you get you pranked me last week
  • your relationship is just a tad bit childish, but it’s endearing 


  • is the one to wake you up with like thirty million kisses on your face
  • first words every morning; “i love you”
  • second words is probably “i burnt toast i tried to make so we’re gonna eat poptarts - is that ok?”
  • you’re brushing your teeth while jimin brushes your hair and it’s a very good system. you two are a good team
  • you still eat his burnt toast because you know how hard he worked and he looked so sad about it…
  • he kisses you another twenty billion times because “ah you’re so thoughtful and amazing and perfect”
  • you’re just like “i could say the same about you~”
  • honestly - the most positive, soft couple
  • you guys help coordinate each others outfits
  • jimin the type to throw snacks in your bag because “you should never skip meals!!!!” 
  • you throw snacks in his bag too because you’re like “don’t diet park jimin i love you the way you are - you hear me”
  • you walk to the stop hand in hand and honestly jimin’s kinda shy to kiss in public so he just gives the top of your head a kiss
  • while at work you get lots of reminder texts to eat, to watch the weather report, to tell your boss about that weekend you wanna take off
  • park jimin is a persona planner he is so good at keeping you on track god bless
  • you love him so much you always stop by after work to get ingredients for his favorite dishes
  • when he sees you making them when he gets home his tiredness just goes away and he pulls you from the stove to dance around the kitchen with you because oh god it’s been like eight hours but your face, he misses it 
  • you eat and happily chat together 
  • jimin tells you about taehyung and jungkook and then about jin and then about namjoon and suga and ofc hoseok it’s so nice to listen to him talk
  • if you do doze off by accident, jimin just grins and fixes your hair and carries you to bed 
  • im not crying - you’re crying


  • this rascal it takes like an hour to get him up and when he’s up he just pulls you down again and is like “im warm, you’re warm. let’s stay here” 
  • he wont get up you end up having to bring him his toothbrush and you’re like jeon jungkook im not your mai- and he’s like mumbling apologizes while getting up and brushing his teeth and you can’t stay mad because his hair’s messy and you’re like gdi
  • you two eat like lucky charms cereal and jungkook does the puzzle on the back and you’re like how is he still twelve 
  • you two playfully tease each other like jungkook will flip your hair while you’re rushing by and you’ll try to trip him as he’s putting on his shirt and it’s funny you guys are just kids chasing each other around the house
  • jungkook’s like “how do i look” you’re like “bad” he’s like “mhmm sure thats why you’re in love with me because i look bad hmmm” and you’re like pleASe shush and he’s like “well whatever, i think i look good hehE”
  • when you’re like “how do i look” jungkook just smiles and you’re like whaT DOES thaT MEAn and he chuckles and you hit him playfully because what a nerd
  • you guys stop by the grocery store for something to drink 
  • you choose the same thing and bicker about whose copying who 
  • he walks you to the train and you’re like “dont be late and dont tease jimin” and he leans in to give you this lil eskimo kiss and youre like oh my god and he’s like “i wont, but honestly stop talking about jimin hyung - im your boyfriend!!!”
  • during the day you get like a facetime and it’s like half of jungkooks face and in the back is like taehyung and jimin attempting to do something dumb and you’re like oh no 
  • and jungkooks like “works fun, hbu ^^”
  • you guys get home at the same time and jungkooks like let’s go out to the park and exercise 
  • this means you watch him play basketball and when you try to play against him he just dribbles around you and youre like dont be a dweeb 
  • you guys eat like street food for dinner, the life of adults who are actually kids
  • you get home and probably watch like a comedy and then jungkook falls asleep and you’re like “wow can’t even stay up past midnight” but it’s cute
  • it’s a LL cute 
Bionicle Maori language masterpost

Seeing as it’s something I discuss a lot, here are the names and terms in Bionicle that translate into Maori, for your viewing pleasure!

Toa - Warrior, champion, victor
Kaita - giant
Rahi - size
Mangai - mouth
Ihu - nose
Mata Nui - big face
Makuta - from “mataku”, meaning fear or terror
Kanohi - face
Wahi - place
Tahu - burn, ignite
Kopaka - glacier
Pohatu - stone, pebble
Gali - good
Wairuha - spirit
Akamai - rise from
Onewa - basalt
Whenua - land
Matau - insight, truth, to be right
Hau - wind
Kaukau - swimming
Miru - bubble
Kakama - efficiency, to be alert
Pakari - to be strong
Huna - to conceal, to cover
Rau - hundred
Ruru - owl
Mahiki - to rise
Matatu - strain, to endure
Takua - called (ta kua is print/writing)
Maku - wet
Kapura - fire
Huki - stroke, quake
Onepu - sand
Taipu - dune
Tamaru - to soften
Kongu - cloudy
Kopeke - lame
Puku - belly
Mahi - work, action, activity