I hate Tommy Finch DDL

Here’s the story of the IHTF’s origin: Back in October, Anyone But Me’s Nicole Pacent and Cowgirl Up’s Shannan Leigh Reeve teamed up with writers Christin Mell, Jessica King, and Julie Keck to present a two-lady, one-act play about the 27-year relationship between two childhood best friends who fall all over themselves and each other on the way to falling in love. The play takes place in ten scenes, each one zooming in on the girls at a different age. They’re eight years old in the principal’s office, 15 years old at a sleepover, 23 years old in the eve of a wedding. Over the course of three decades, Stephanie and Alyssa come of age, come out, and finally come to understand what they really mean to one another.

Webisode 1: http://ul.to/t6nj9hcx

Webisode 2: http://ul.to/vibrmbe3

Webisode 3: http://ul.to/rvgehu74

Webisode 4: http://ul.to/qrl6sp23

Webisode 5: http://ul.to/grwqo7wq

i will never have enough words

to describe what the last three days have meant to me and what theatre means to me. thank you, every single one of you who were involved in the illinois high school theatre festival. i had the time of my life and will never forget this incredible weekend, and i can’t wait to do it for the next two years. next year hopefully in all-state…
i don’t care that no one can see this, but i have to write it somewhere. 
thank you to my amazing black comedy family, cast and crew. you have made me so happy this year. from the night the season was released and black comedy was on that list, to the day we walked into the room to be adjudicated, to last night until 10, when we unloaded the truck and the set went back into the studio one last time. 
thank you to all 4,200 of you amazing theatre people that have made my life what it is today. it’s hard to describe the community there is at theatrefest that makes it okay to wear what you want to wear and have people come up to you and tell you you’re cool. one that makes it okay to strike up a random convorsation and it not be weird. (it’s so odd that people cant do that in real life..) one that fosters the creativity of theatre that everyone is there to celebrate. one that i am proud to have been a part of. 
and since i’m not going to thank everyone, cuz that would be obnoxious and cheesy (not that this isn’t already, i just wouldn’t want it that much more), so one last thank you. 
clack. my td. an amazingly talented guy that you can say anything to and he’ll know what to say or do back. a failed magic trick, or “you’re my favorite.” he knows how to fix everything, make everything, paint everything, design everything, do anything. i don’t think i would be as happy as i am today without him making me love theatre the way i do now. he’s basically my dad, and i can’t thank him enough. 

also thanks for taking this picture, clack.

i’ll never forget that weekend.
theatrefest 2012.