It Had to Be You || Scar & Har

Harley was nervous. It had come up so suddenly and of course he had his worries. It was rushed and he had to question why Scar would want to rush it, but on the other hand he was marrying Scar and he had never thought this would happen. He had fallen so deeply in love with her when he met her and now he was in Paris and about to be able to call her his wife. He just hoped she wouldn’t end up leaving him a widower any time soon…His snapped his attention from those thoughts and made his way up to the guy to was officiating their wedding, standing beside him as he waited for Scarlet to come out. They had their whole little group of friends there, all of them smiling back at him. He was happy. He didn’t know he could love someone as much as he loved Scar. He didn’t know deep love like that was possible, but he was there and she would be, too. 

singlemanmedia  asked:

Modern AU - Do Sokka and Azula have any favorite TV shows that they share? Do they make any preparations for watching them (popcorn?). In IHTBY did Sokka and Azula eventually marry? Who were best man/bridesmaids? Did they eventually switch to another game?

Huh, TV shows… I can see them watching GOT. Sokka would be the kind of viewer who didn’t read the books, Azula the kind who read them even before the show started. So they sit together on the couch, watching everything unfold, and Sokka is horrified by the twists while Azula keeps going “That’s NOT how it was in the books”, pretty much xD

But I’ll say, seeing how these two have their trademark senses of humor, they probably love watching comedies. Azula probably enjoys comedies, the more stupid, the better. Just, not too disgusting because she is a classy girl after all xD Sokka would rather watch sitcoms and such, I think, but they could watch their favorite shows together all the same and afterwards argue about which one is better.

In the popcorn department, surely they do have snacks while watching TV. But it’s always going to be a struggle xD Sokka would likely eat the entire bowl while Azula was only helping herself for the second time, so she sends him to make more and he protests because he’s going to miss the show! In the end they bicker like idiots, but when do they not? xD

The plan was to take the IHTBY sequel up to an epilogue where they were engaged, so yeah, they’d marry one day. The best man was probably Aang. The Maid of honor, I figure Mai or Ty Lee, either one (I’d say Ty Lee because she’d be more enthusiastic about it than Mai ^^U). Then the rest of their friends would be the other groomsmen and bridesmaids, I think.

And they probably did switch to other games whenever newer, cooler ones came up. I also guess they might not play as often when life became busier (once they’re in college), but since they still had each other, with or without the MMORPGs, they were happy anyhow :)