I have been really motivated by the ideas of two of you awesome people: @ihopeyoulikeblackberries and @helloweightwatcher!  

The first thing is the one-minute rule: don’t put anything off that you can complete in one minute.  So simple, but it makes SO MUCH SENSE, and put into practice–for me it’s typically a 1-5-or-10 minute rule–it’s already making me feel like, “huh…imagine how much easier life would be if I just kept this up!” 

The second thing is that @helloweightwatcher‘s goal is to use ZERO disposable coffee cups this year.  Such a small thing for me.  Such a big thing for the environment!  And, the husband got me a couple of realllly nice travel mugs for Christmas, so I’m already prepared!  So far, no disposable coffee cups have been used by me this year!  This morning, combining both rules, I actually made myself a chai tea to take in my travel mug!  AND, I packed a super healthy lunch.  I realized that I do that so infrequently that I don’t even have a lunch bag.  BUUUUT, we still have this super cool one from when Conner was in fourth grade!! WIN!

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!! <3

Selfie for Ihopeyoulikeblackberries (and a few others)

Watching MNF while cooling off from a 6.5 mile run. I’m not going to be able to stay up to see the end of the Vikings season opener as I have to be on a plane tomorrow morning at 6:30 - ouch!

Sunday Morning Coffee Date!

Best thing about internet coffee dates?  You can have them looking like this!  PJs, bed head, and the remnants of last night’s eye makeup.  Keepin’ it classy over here this morning. ;)  That husband of mine…such a lucky man sometimes…  I really should do an “after” picture to attest to the powers of coffee (and a shower)…it’s date night, tonight, so I just might!

ihopeyoulikeblackberries (who, if you aren’t following, you should because she’s just amazing) posted such a great post this morning.  One of my life goals for dealing with people is to try to remember that regardless of how together someone looks (or how spectacular their Instagram photos), it doesn’t tell you the whole story of what they’re going through.  That post this morning is one of the things I love about this place.  It made me feel that, “I’m really glad it’s not just me” feeling!  I’m actually dealing with some pretty difficult things right now and even though they’re really, really weighing on me, the stories aren’t mine to share with the universe, so I haven’t. But, anyway, always a good reminder to be patient and kind with people.

I was able to have lunch with a high school friend yesterday, and while it was so great catching up and we spent almost three hours chatting over brunch and mimosas, it also made me a little sad.  This woman is one of the smartest, kindest, and most amazing people I know, but she’s spent the last ten years with someone who doesn’t value her and who isolates her from the world. Although we live about ten minutes from each other, we’ve only seen each other once in the last six months–and I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to see her at all.  It breaks my heart.  But, you can’t make other people’s life choices for them.  If you care, you just have to be available for them.  She was going to the gym with me for a while there, but then she started losing weight and gaining confidence and she stopped coming.  She wouldn’t tell me it’s because he made her…but I have a feeling.  Heartbreaking.  And, also infuriating. :(

ambermcho invited me to join her and her hubby and SIL for the Sam Smith show last night and IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!!  Not only was the company perfect (not that you had any doubt), but the show was just perfect and it was just the thing I needed.  So, so grateful to be included and for this new friendship!  As I told her the other night, I’m pretty sure that it was the first concert I’d been to that wasn’t a punk show in YEARS!  I actually love punk shows, don’t get me wrong, but my musical preferences are more diverse than the husband’s and it was nice to have the change!

Speaking of the husband, he decided to watch me getting ready last night and then wanted to mess me up right before I left…apparently watching a woman get ready is sexy?  Mmm, that mascara application face…Hot stuff.  :)  But, it got me a date out of the deal, so I’m ok with it!  We’re going to see a movie as a family and then tonight is date night!

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Jess’ questions: 

1. Favourite ice cream flavor

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ALL DAY!! But I’m particular and my favorite one is from Baskin Robbins (it has to be green with LOTS of chocolate chips in it)

2. Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done

Studied abroad in Brazil for a semester! I went in not knowing how to speak Portuguese AT ALL and traveled with a friend who also didn’t know the language. We had an awesome time navigating through Brazil!!

3. Top thing you want to do before you die

Be a mother.

4. What was in the best sandwich you’ve ever had?

Thanksgiving dinner sandwich! Thick cut turkey, cranberry sauce, delicious stuffing and I’m not sure what else but it was DELICIOUS.

5. What keeps you motivated? About weight loss or life in general

All of my motivation in life and weight loss comes from looking back and seeing what I’ve accomplished. It’s so easy to get down on yourself and become disillusioned.. sometimes you just have to take a moment and appreciate how far you’ve come.

6. Favourite work out song

Madeon remix of Martin Solveig’s “The Night Out" 

EDUCATE YOURSELF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n-_9ZjwRC4

7. Your favourite food

My mom’s corned beef and cabbage. I try and make it myself but it’s never the same.. no one makes it like she does.

8. Who’s your favourite blog?

TOO MANY TO COUNT! Tumblr is my favorite blog. =)

9. Post your favourite picture of you

I feel like a model in this picture: 

10. What do you love about yourself the most?

My figure. Regardless of how much I weigh, I carry my weight pretty well and my body has proportions that I like 

11. What’s your favourite animal?

Dogs. I REALLY REALLY love dogs.. and I hope to ALWAYS have at least one doggy baby in my life. I mean.. come on: 

My questions:

1. Do you like to cook?

2. What’s your favorite dessert?

3. Do you play any instruments/know how to read music?

4. Favorite sport/professional sports team?

5. What’s your most recent happy memory?

6. What’s your favorite activity (exercise or other)?

7. Do you have any pets?

8. Where were you born?

9. How old were you when you had your first kiss (if it already happened)?

10. What was/is your major in college?

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?

A few answers:

He looks like he’s smiling!!  The Boo Boos runs this house, and I didn’t want him thinking that Walter would get a feature and he was going to be ignored. So, Happy Caturday! :)  Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much I love this cat!

A couple of you have asked some questions, and so here are a couple of answers! :)

straightarrowlife asked what type of engineer the husband is:  He’s a mechanical engineer and he works for Samsung and has for about 7.5 years now.  He likes it pretty well–though I hear it depends a lot on what division you’re in how much you like it there.  He went to A&M and initially was studying to be an aerospace engineer and also took some electrical engineering courses, but he ended up in mechanical engineering because he liked how versatile that degree can be.  He rarely ever went to classes because he’s one of those strange people who can teach themselves things just by reading and researching things on the internet–I think I’ve mentioned how much I love his brain! :)  He’s also really fascinated by nanotechnology and might go back to school to focus on that at some point–maybe when Conner’s older.  Waaaay more than you wanted to know! :)

ihopeyoulikeblackberries, I’m not sure what type of dog Walter is, but he’s definitely part basset hound because he has a basset hound body:

We weren’t actually in the market for a dog, but one rainy day me, Conner, and my SIL were hanging out and I got a call from a friend of mine who works at Austin Pets Alive.  She saw Walter and immediately thought of us!  He was super sickly when we got him and cost a fortune in vet bills, but now he’s the best and most well-behaved dog!  He’s super fun on hikes, too, because he’ll “track” us.  One of us will run ahead and hide (usually Conner) and Walter will find him.  It’s the cutest–he bounds off like a rabbit when he finally gets released to go look and we have to run to keep up! :)  Again–way more than you asked!! :)

anonymous asked:

Thanks for your list of tumblr crushes! I was just wondering if you have any blogs you can recommend that write more and have more fab original content? Xx

I feel like this is a trap. I’ve got so many people whose lives I love reading about, and I’m bound to forget a few. I’m going to skip the friends in the crushes post you mentioned because you’re undoubtedly already following them now.

In no particular order: