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A dude who looked like a nomad just came up to me with his cane that had a fuckton of modifications on it and asked to use my smart phone to get directions to some place.

He told me how he got all the trinkets on the cane (from exploring Virginia on foot for a year) and talked about the hazing he experienced in summer camp where other campers tied him up in a tree.

Then he left and said he’d make me a bombass milkshake at the IHOP he worked at.

Fighting for free pancakes at IHOP.

As someone who worked in customer service (mostly retail) for the better part of a decade, I am overly nice in every situation where I have a problem that needs a manager.  Y'all.  I had a FIFTEEN MINUTE DISCUSSION about free pancakes at IHOP because literally every person I talked to was dumb.  I’m gonna try to relay this to y'all as best I can so you can understand how simple the issue was.  This isn’t my receipt because I don’t have it but this is a pretty good example of a receipt from IHOP that has a customer survey coupon on it.

I don’t know if it’s at every location, but the IHOP by me gives you a receipt that has a survey on it with every visit.  You go home and take the survey, write down the code in the blank space (the fourth item near the bottom) and use that as your coupon for free pancakes at your next visit.  Not same visit, but the next visit.  I use one 90% of the time I go to IHOP and I go to IHOP more frequently that I’m finna admit to all out in public like this.

Study the receipt though, because it’s gonna be important to the story.

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In which I have 9 locations in 4 weeks: Part Two

She started like this: “I don’t know if this is going to be good news or bad news…” 

I thought she was going to tell me to move to another shop for the day or that I’d been force ER’d and was being sent home early. 

“You’re being transferred”  

I thought she was kidding. I thought it was a hugely elaborate ‘end of training’ prank. I had JUST been transferred. Just added everyone on Facebook. Gone to my first Futureworld IHOP after-work adventure the night before. I couldn’t be getting TRANSFERRED. AGAIN. 

And then she held up a training schedule with my name on the top.

I looked at the paper and, still thinking she was joking, said “Nice try, that’s the Pandora costume. They’re not taking CP’s.” 

“This isn’t a joke, I’m sorry. You’re being transferred to Pandora.”  

I burst into tears. Not because I was unhappy, but because I was overwhelmed, and confused, and so shocked that I could barely process it.

I was being moved to Pandora. The freshly opened, absolutely chaotic, heavily themed, “next level immersion experience” that is the World of Avatar.   

Over the course of the next week I discovered that my transfer hadn’t been at random. I had served a higher-up in Pandora at work without realising, and they had pulled me from the depths of EPCOT to be one of the first two CP’s to ever work at Pandora. 

As of right now, I have been through DAKlimation (the Animal Kingdom orientation class), Passage To Pandora (a class dedicated to training you up to work in Pandora), and 7 full days of training. 

 I can recite a banshee pledge to you, explain how we mix your DNA with the Na’vi to create your very own avatar, and am slowly learning both Na’vi and Spanish (it’s tour group season).  

I’ve also met some of the most wonderful, hilarious, vibrant cast members I’ve ever worked with, and met some of the most difficult guests Disney has to offer. 

I feel so lucky to be able to work in Pandora as part of the opening team. I’m always going to be able to say that I was the first International College Program cast member to work in Windtraders. Ever. I am always going to be in the first group of CP’s ever chosen to work in Pandora. In years to come, when it’s starting to look outdated and worn, I’ll still be proud to say I was a part of the Pandora madness. 


Oh my stars! Its so cold! Bbbbbrrre
I made this sketchs today! The Steven Universe special left me in shock, it was too much for me :c

To be honest I’m Chilean … the blue diamond text says something like: Why did you do it? F*cking mother f*cker! (?)

Ihope you liked my work, if so, please let me know. A like or share can help me get!

Steven universe by Rebecca Sugar
Illustration by NikoDere


“you’re not quite what i expected”